2007   JULY 11   #192

Art Casara - Medley No. 3

Art Casara - Medley No. 3 (5:38)

This self-released album features a four-piece lounge band playing competent, if generally uninspired, versions of middle-of-the-road hits like "The Shadow of Your Smile" and, in this case, a medley of "When You're Smiling"/"Let The Sunshine In"/"You Are My Sunshine"/"Sunshine of Your Love" and "Sonny." It all looks a bit '70s, judging by the Vegas-era Elvis-type outfit on the front cover. The singer, however, pushes this from the routine lounge category into something far more terrifying. Simply put - he can't sing. Yet he fearlessly attempts to scale such heights as the high notes in Cream's "Sunshine of Your Love," listeners be damned!

There is nothing on the web about any Art Casara, but there's plenty about Art's real name, Arthur Kasarjian. Someone by that name is currently running a seminar designed to get men in touch with their "real" nature, which apparently means pounding on drums while chanting "I'm a jerk!," and screaming at women that they're not giving their men enough sex until the poor girls are almost in tears. Could it be the same guy? Well, this track might just drive you to tears, so I'd say it's possible...

- Contributed by: Mr. Fab

Images: Front Cover, Back Cover

Media: LP
Album: You Are My Way Of Life
Label: Taurus Records
Credits: Produced by Martin Kantrovitz