2007   JULY 13   #194

Coca-Cola Industrial Musicals

The Grip Of Leadership
01. Overture (3:18)
02. American Heritage (8:01)
03. Here And Now (3:32)
04. Hot Seat (3:28)
05. Packaging And Pricing (2:26)
06. Keep Things Jumping (2:35)
07. Cooperation (3:21)
08. The Same In Any Language (4:04)
09. Look To The Leader (3:21)
10. I Hear America Singing (3:50)
11. Finale (3:10)

People Power
01. People Power - Instrumental (1:21)
02. People Power - Vocal (1:35)
03. People Power - Instrumental (3:56)
04. People Power - Vocal (1:33)
05. The Real World Of Coffee - Instrumental (3:38)
06. Confusion (4:48)
07. Later (3:16)
08. To Be A Young Boy (4:18)
09. Opus! (3:25)
10. Fly (6:12)

Here's an interesting look at the well-known sea change in American culture that occurred during the 1960s. These are two corporate musicals, both from the Coca-Cola Corporation, produced one decade apart. The first is called "The Grip Of Leadership," and is really filled with all the usual stuff we associate with corporate musicals- lots of upbeat patriotic numbers about corporate pride and productivity. Compare this to 1971's "People Power," and it's clear that in the ensuing decade, Coca Cola had been infiltrated by hippies and communists! Actually, very little of the music/lyrics on "People Power" seems to have much corporate coherence or anything to do directly with employee motivation, save for the decidedly UN-soul-stirring title song of course. Mostly it's just bad Blood Sweat & Tears imitations, with a little Iron Butterfly thrown in for good measure. There's some great psychedelic guitar soloing, though! Don't miss the freakout in the song "Fly."

- Contributed by: Pea Hix

The Grip Of Leadership:
Front Cover
People Power:
Front Cover, Label Side One, Label Side Two

The Grip Of Leadership: LP - Produced by Jam Handy Organization - 1961
People Power: LP - Southwest Freeway Rock Band - 1971

Still thirsty? Here's another one... "A Step Ahead", recorded at the 1966 Salesman's Convention for Coca-Cola!

A Step Ahead
01. Overture ()
02. A Step Ahead ()
03. I'm a Tiger ()
04. Close Harmony ()
05. I Couldn't Do It Without You ()
06. Understanding ()
07. He Helps Me Every Way He Can ()
08. Man of the World ()
09. The Personal Touch ()
10. Finale: I Couldn't Do It Without You (reprise) ()

- Contributed by: B.C. Sterrett (The Lost Media Archive)

A Step Ahead:
Front Cover, Back Cover, Label Side One, Label Side Two

A Step Ahead: LP - Produced by Jam Handy Organization - 1966