2007   JULY 20   #201

Molly Roth - Plant Talk/Sound Advice

1. Plant Talk (13:09)
2. Sound Advice (20:44)

I guess I'll never understand what a naked lady has to do with "Plant Talk", perhaps nakedness is the first necessary step in plant communication, an allusion to Eve in the Garden of Eden maybe? Listen now as Molly Roth speaks lovingly to your plants, and calls them by name, whether or not you even have a "Spider Plant", "Brain Cactus", or "Dracaena Godsefffiana" in the room. (Molly Roth is not the topless girl on the cover.)

My other question involves the giant jukebox...

- Contributed by: B.C. Sterrett (The Lost Media Archive)

Image: Cover

Media: LP
Album: Plant Talk/Sound Advice
Label: Plant Talk Productions
Credits: Molly Roth (Voice) & Jim Bricker (Production). Side 1 Plant Talk (English Ivy, Fern, Spider Plant, Schefflera, Philodendron, Palm, Baby Tears, Sun Loving Plants, Brain Cactus, Jade, Croton, Peperomia, Iron Cross Begonia, Dracaena Godseffiana, Nepthytis, Rubber Plant, False Aralia, Ficus Benjamina, Norfolk Island Pine, Wandering Jew, Gardenia, Sansevieria, Piggy Back, African Violet, Coleus, Keep It Green). Side 2 Sound Advice on the care & feeding of houseplants
Date: 1976