2007   JULY 25   #206

Coyote McCloud & Clara Peller - Where's The Beef?

Side A: Where's The Beef? (3:08)
Side B: Where's The Beef? [Instrumental] (3:10)

First, I'd like to thank Otis for giving me a chance to be a part of this exciting project. Not much to say here...a bit of 80's nostalgia. You can do a simple search to find out more about Coyote McCloud and Clara Peller. There are even some vintage commercials found at YouTube. Found this on Ebay a while ago. Not sure how rare it may be, but I couldn't find this anywhere on the net. Enjoy!

Technical Notes: This 45rpm was is great shape to begin with. Nevertheless (do people still use that word?) it was cleaned with a Nitty Gritty and transferred directly through a Radial J-33 phono pre-amp to an M-Audio Firewire 410 soundcard. No noise reduction, EQ, or alterations of any kind have been made. 192kbps.

Long Live WFMU!

- Contributed by: Spaceboy

Images: Front, Back

Media: 7"
Label: Awesome Records
Catalog: ASM 105
Date: 1984