2007   JULY 27   #208

Jack Paar and Jack Haskell - I-M-4-U

Jack Paar and Jack Haskell - I-M-4-U (2:19)

This was once the opening theme song of the Tonight show.

- Contributed by: Henry Lowengard

Images: Front Cover, Back Cover

Media: 7" 45 RPM
Label: Columbia
Catalog: 4-40628
Notes: Open Theme 1: "I-M-4-U (I Am For You)" [aka: "The Jack Paar Theme"; aka: "I Am For You"; aka: "I M 4 U (Jack Paar TV Show)"; This was also used as a THEME on "The Jack Paar Show"; Verified on 1997 PBS Special on Jack Paar, where Jose Melis group is heard playing this melody in a double-time latin arrangement at beginning of the show]. Composers: Jose Melis (ASCAP) [professional name of Jose Melis Giui], and Sev F. Marino (ASCAP) [professional name of Severino Frank Marino]. 1978 Publishers: Piano Melodies (ASCAP), and Oniram Music Publications (ASCAP). 1997 Publishers: Piano Melodies (ASCAP), of Bronxville; NY and Oniram Music Publications (ASCAP), of College Point, NY. Copyright Date: Oct. 24, 1955; EU 414 107. Renewal Date: May 16, 1983; RE-169-746. Recordings: LP: "Jose Melis plays Jack Paar Favorites" (1960) Secco CELP-462 Jose Melis Group.