2007   JULY 29   #210

Esther Lee - Where Glory Began

01. Floatsome Driftwood (2:08)
02. She Said Goodbye (3:18)
03. Dust On Your Picture Frame (2:22)
04. Materialistic Man (1:11)
05. I Know It's Love (2:45)
06. His Crimson Blood (2:06)
07. The Joy Came Down (0:40)
08. Oh Glory Hallelujah (2:43)
09. Jesus Is The Christ (5:17)
10. Your Rugged Cross (3:25)
11. Jesus Of Blue Galilee (2:23)
12. The King Is Come (1:05)
13. Go Into The World (0:56)

This is one of those religious records that, when you see the cover, you think "WOW I GOTTA BUY THIS!" But then the next thought is "I'm sure the music won't live up to the cover!" In this case, the music, while not really being all that weird or crazy per se, actually DOES live up to the cover, though it does so in its own quiet way. Esther's songs are very plaintively heartfelt and haunting. Despite my distaste for religion, this is the sort of religious music I can listen to and just sort of tune out the lyrics an enjoy as pure sound.

There's no real explanation of Esther's illness or condition on the back of the jacket: mostly it's just lyrics. Inside there are a couple of mimeographed copies of typed letters to her admirers and/or family, where she recounts the trials and trevails of some sort of tour she went on.

- Contributed by: Pea Hix

Images: Cover

Media: LP
Album: Esther Lee - Where Glory Began
Label: (private press)
Catalog: 42769
Credits: Produced by The Ministering Carpenter, recorded at Ye Old Garage Studio
Date: 1974