2007   DECEMBER 2   #336

Sound 8: Background Music For Your Personal Movies

I'm a huge, HUGE collector of "Music for/Music to" records. This one comes like a piece of collecting heaven, where even the tracks have titles like "Music For Travel Scenes", "Music for Water Activities", "Music for Family Fun", etc.

I have other "music for home movie" records, but this one seems to be the best I've ever come across. The instrumentals are great, and sound like they were ripped off the soundtracks of Mental Hygene films of the 50's. My favorite track is "Music for Children's Activities".

01 Music For Family Fun (1:46)
02 Music For Family Fun (0:34)
03 Music For Majestic Scenes (1:16)
04 Music For Majestic Scenes (0:39)
05 Music For Travel Scenes (2:28)
06 Music For Water Activities (1:25)
07 Music For Party Scenes (2:34)
08 Music For Vacation Fun (2:15)
09 Music For Sports Events (1:49)
10 Music For Children's Activities (1:11)
11 Music For Children's Activities (1:08)
12 Music For All Kinds Of Fun (4:41)
13 Traffic (1:07)
14 Laugh, Large Crowd (0:22)
15 Applause, Large Crowd (0:21)
16 Crowd, Large (0:47)
17 Children Playing Outdoors (1:02)
18 Dog Barking, Puppy (0:21)
19 Dog Barking, Full-Grown (0:26)
20 Cat Meow (0:17)
21 Motorboat, Start-Run-Stop (1:00)
22 Diving Board, Children (0:23)
23 Slide Whistle, Three (0:11)
24 Automobile, Start-Pull Away (0:12)
25 Bo-ing Effect, Three (0:13)

There are absolutely no credits for the musicians on this LP, other than the fact that it was put out by the Eastman Kodak Company.

Dig it.

- Contributed by: B.C. Sterrett (The Lost Media Archive)

Images: Front Cover, Label (Side One), Label (Side Two), Back Cover Titles