2007   DECEMBER 9   #343

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Public Service Announcements

I've found about 5 of these 45's during various visits over the years to Deseret Industries in Provo and Salt Lake City, Utah (one of theme was too warped to post). As The Lost Media Archive I think we try to pride ourselves by trying to have one of the largest private owned collections of old LDS media in the realms of filmstrips and educational video. It's not only a historical element of our own faith, but that of the heavy culture in our location. Church libraries all over the state (and world) are tossing out old videos, tapes, filmstrips and records due to new format technology, and lack of space. Pick it up! This stuff is a lot of fun and I doubt most of it will ever be reissued.

With that said, I don't think these came from church libraries, but from the archives of local radio stations. I still remember the visual versions of some of these on TV during the 70's and early 80's.

Give Your Children Everything... Give Them Your Time! (1974)
01 Fish Story (1:00)
02 Sunrise (0:59)
03 Date Night (0:30)
04 YEP (0:30)
05 As Much As Anybody (0:31)
06 To It Man (0:58)
07 Take The Time (Jingle) (1:00)
08 Take The Time (Jingle) (0:30)
Images: Front, Back, Inside 1, Inside 2

Give Your Children Everything... Give Them Your Time! (1974)
09 Children (0:59)
10 Cookies (0:59)
11 Story (0:58)
12 Arrest (0:29)
13 Children (0:30)
14 Baby Sitter (0:30)
Images: Label A, Label B

If You Love 'Em... Tell 'Em (1976)
15 Love Call (0:59)
16 John Montgomery (0:59)
17 Right Moment (0:59)
18 Dual Tracks (0:30)
19 Love Call (0:30)
20 It Isn't Enough (0:30)
Images: Front, Back

Your Children Need More Of You... (197?)
21 Next Week (0:11)
22 Involved (0:29)
23 No Other Success (0:32)
24 Family Night (0:30)
25 Love Takes Time (0:30)
26 Turn On A Teen (0:29)
27 Thirty Minutes A Day (0:29)
28 Tomorrow (0:26)
29 Change The World (0:30)
Images: Front, Inside 1, Inside 2

As a Mission President's son in Japan during 1986-1989, I once ran across a vhs collection of some of these in the Kobe Mission home. If anyone ever comes across more of these or the video counterparts, please send copies our way! We would be most grateful :) I hope to do a historical presentation on some of this stuff at a convention in the future.

I love the picture sleeves, especially that of "Your Children Need More of You". The track, "No Other Success", reminds me a little of the hip spoken word art of Rev. John Rydgren's "Silhouette Segments" LP.

- Contributed by: B.C. Sterrett (The Lost Media Archive)