2007   DECEMBER 10   #344

Ensemble Of Seven - Exotic Fantasies

1 Quiet Village (3:56)
2 Taboo (4:25)
3 Caravan (2:52)
4 Avante Garde Village (4:38)

The Ensemble Of Seven's careful interpretations of these "classic" exotic numbers will have both the audiophile and the swinger in you returning time and time again. Whether you are throwing a party or getting together with your fellow Hi-Fi connoisseurs, you must agree that this is the sonic thrill of the decade.

- Contributed by: The ToD

Images: Front Cover, Back Cover

Media: 10" EP
Album: Exotic Fantasies
Artist: Ensemble Of Seven
Label: Ectoplasm
Catalog: ROV-010-3
Date: 1996
Record Inscription: "Music As Furniture"......What are the vinyl messages on the run-out groove that I am calling "record inscriptions?" Well, here I am using that phrase to refer to the sometime cryptic text, typically in upper case, which appears just beyond the outer edge of a vinyl LP and is not any of the identifying serial numbers. These have always fascinated me and sometimes their meaning is obvious, sometimes not.