2007   DECEMBER 16   #350

South Bass Island Bound & Other Original Songs about Put-in-Bay

01 South Bass Island Bound (2:33)
02 Carry Me Back To The Island (2:45)
03 South Bass Island Love Song (4:07)
04 I Survived The South Bass Island Summer Of '82 (2:54)
05 Lord, I Need A Drink (3:19)
06 Don't Drink The Wine (4:15)
07 Pride Of Put-In-Bay (3:29)
08 I Knew You/South Bass Island Love Song: Reprise (4:11)
09 Roll On, Lake Erie, Roll On (3:54)

South Bass Island. Put-in-Bay. Learn these names now: you will be hearing them many, many times before this album is over.

If South Bass Island is, as Wikipedia states, the "Key West of Southern Lake Erie", then Michael Kelly Brewer is Southern Lake Erie's answer to Jimmy Buffett. He's got a collection of cheery songs (well, okay, "I Knew You" is kind of a downer) all about island living, escaping the rat race, and getting wasted on that fine Ohio wine. I'm assuming this album was sold in souvenir shops all over the island.

I wasn't able to find any current info about Mr. Brewer, but there's a nice smartass Q&A session with him printed on the back of the jacket. His arranger/producer, Steve Scharren, appears to still be active in music, both as a sound engineer and as a performer.

- Contributed by: Suzanne Baumann

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Media: LP
Album: South Bass Island Bound & Other Original Songs about Put-in-Bay
Label: The Put-in-Bay Trading Company
Credits: Written and performed by Michael Kelly Brewer with Steve Scharren
Date: 1983