2007   DECEMBER 20   #354

Otis Skillings - Love Can Work A Miracle

Love Can Work A Miracle (10:03)

I wish I had this record near me as I write these notes. After listening to Otis Fodder's Christian Musical themed show on Cool and Strange Music's Friendly Persuasion, I went out in search of similar odd records. The following week or so I found this little gem at the thrift store with the standout cover. I'm only including one track because sadly the rest of the record isn't as interesting. And it's long! This is like the Alice's Restraunt of Christian Musical numbers. And it's great!

I don't know what else to say about it, but just wanted to say thank you to Otis Fodder for all the fun, music, and friendship over the years. I think we all owe him a round of applause for sticking out yet another year of 365. Cheers!

Now everyone hit play on your computer,


- Contributed by: B.C. Sterrett (The Lost Media Archive)

Images: Front Cover, Label

Media: LP
Album: Love: A Young World Musical
Label: Tempo
Catalog: TL-7028
Date: 1971