2007   DECEMBER 24   #358

MSR 265: 1978 Christmas Album

Up here in Canada, Songpoem albums are hard to come by. Either Canadians never took up the offer to 'become a star' as often as Americans did, or they just had relatives in the US who sent them copies. So whenever I find one, it's a momentous occasion.

Especially when the used record stores have no idea what they are and charge $1 for 'em!

Here's the tracklist for 13 Christmas-themed ditties (and a couple that are not) for your holiday pleasure:

01 The Birthday Of Jesus Christ (Sione Lavemai Finau) (2:31)
02 Welcome The Lord (Sione Lavemai Finau) (3:21)
03 Merry Christmas From Tonga, The Friendly Island (Sione Lavemai Finau) (2:30)
04 Christmas Cheer (Joan Tomaini) (2:09)
05 Remember God (Joan Tomaini) (2:18)
06 A Prayer Of Thanks To God (Josephine Calcagno) (2:28)
07 Distant Dreams (Susan Johnson) (2:22)
08 God Cares (Joseph Pullum) (2:30)
09 Christmas Events (Joseph Pullum) (2:15)
10 Summer Breeze (Benoy Chowdhury) (2:26)
11 Repeat The Age Old Story (Mary E. Kindlein) (2:19)
12 How Long God (Fran Wood) (2:13)
13 God Bless Old Georgia (William B. Smith, Jr.) (3:04)

- Contributed by: Lee Rosevere

Media: LP
Album: Christmas Album
Label: MSR
Catalog: 265
Date: 1978