The Ancient Order Flyers

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These photocopied flyers were found over the course of a year in downtown Chicago. The main purpose of each flyer is to bring to light the mysterious workings of a group called "The Ancient Order" - who this group is, when they will strike in the future, what they were responsible for in the past, and how they have left their mark throughout history. Neither I nor anyone I know ever saw the person that was behind these flyers. The flyers were often hard to find if you weren't paying close attention or in the right place at the right time. Every flyer is a single sided 8 1/2" X 11" photocopy, though several are longer and feature two or more pages stapled together.

The flyers were only found inside free newspaper dispensers. Like newspapers, the flyers were always dated, and were folded so that the bold headlines could be read along the top. Only the most recent flyer was ever available; back issues did not recirculate. The flyers were frequently left in the same locations but distribution was erratic and unpredictable. Usually only one copy of the day's report was available in a dispenser. The dispenser's clear plastic display window was always used for maximum visibility, but extra copies were rarely left inside the boxes. I have never seen more than three copies of the same flyer and I doubt that many copies of each one exist. There was never a contact address on the flyers or a way to subscribe.

Almost exactly one year after I first saw an Ancient Order flyer, they seem to have stopped circulating completely. The last flyer I found, "The Ancient Order and the Pearl Harbor Prevision", is dated 3-17-2000.

- Marc Fischer

This website archives my complete collection of Ancient Order flyers. If you have any others or know anything about the person that made them, please contact me via: http://temporaryservices.org/