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A Discography of Recorded Works by Artists
Dan Lander and Micah Lexier

(Sound By Artists, Art Metropole / Walter Phillips Gallery, 1990)

* indicates that item is housed in the Art Metropole Archive

Abramovic, Marina, Sound Environment Sea. 7" record. Beograd, 1972.

Abschöpfsymphony (with Dieter Roth, Hermann Nitsch, Tony Schwarz & others). 4 LPs. Stuttgart: Edition Hansjörg Mayer, 1979.

Adami, V. & M. Martin. Concerto per un Quadro di Adami. LP. Milano: Studio Marconi, 1972.

Airwaves: Two Record Anthology of Artist's Aural Work & Music (works by Vito Acconci, Terry Fox, Connie Beckley, Julia Heyward, Dennis Oppenheim, Laurie Anderson, Jacki Apple & others). 2 LPs. New York: One Ten Records OT 00 1 / 2, 1977. *

albrecht, d. endless music (anti-pop-music), LP. Stuttgart: Reflection Press, 1973 / 74.

Allen, Terry. Lubbock (on everything). 2 LPs. Chicago: Fate Records Inc., 1978.

Allen, Terry. Torso Hell. cassette. Los Angeles: High Performance Audio, 1988.

AMM. The Crypt. 2 LPs. 2nd pressing. Essex: Matchless Recordings, MR5,1988.

Anderson, Laurie. 0 Superman. 7" record. New York: One Ten Records, 1981.*

Anderson, Laurie. Big Science. LP. New York: Warner Bros. XBS 3674, 1982.

Anderson, Laurie. United States Live. 5 LPs. New York: Warner Bros. 9251921, 1983. *

Apple, Jacki. The Mexican Tapes. LP. New York: One Ten Record s 003, 1980.

Art & Language / Music-Language. Corrected Slogans. LP. New York / London: Art &Language Foundation Inc., 1976. *

Art & Language with the Red Crayola. Kangaroo?. LP. Berkeley: Rough Trade US 12, 1981.*

Art by Telephone (works by Robert Cumming, Hans Haacke, Joseph Kosuth, Claes Oldenburg, Robert Smithson, William Wegman & others). LP. Chicago: Museum of Contemporary Art, 1969.

The Artist's Jazz Band. The Artist's Jazz Band Live At The Edge. 2 LPs. Toronto: Music Gallery Editions 3, 1976. *

Artsounds (works by Les Levine, Tony McAulay, Marcy Brafman, Yura Adams, Jonathan Borofsky, Jeff Gordon, Connie Beckley, Jennifer Bartlett & others). 2 LPs. New York: Philips 420273-1, 1986.*

Ashley, Robert. In Sara, Mencken, Christ and Beethoven there were men and women. LP. Milano: Nova Musicha No-3, Cramps Records 5206 103, 1974.*

Ashley, Robert. Automatic Writing. LP. New York: Lovely Music / Vital Records VR 1002,1979.*

Askevold, David. David Askevold. cassette. Halifax: self-published, 1983.*

Audio Arts. Objects and Spaces. 7" record. London: Audio Arts, 1983.

Audio Arts. AudioArts / Orchard Gallery. LP. London: Audio Arts AA002, 1984.*

Audio Arts. 0782 272121 Six Works for the Telephone. cassette. London: Audio Arts, 1986. *

Audio Arts. Arris ICA: Public- Works. cassette. London: Institute of Contemporary Art, 1986. *

Audio Arts. Accent.for a Start. LP. London: Audio Arts MMW 004, 1987.

Audio By Artists Festival 1984 (works by Clive Robertson, Clancy Dennehy, Andy James, Ingrid Koenig, Judith Penner, Dan Lander, The Palace at 4 A.M. & others). cassette. Halifax: Audio By Artists Festival, 1984.*

Audio By Artists Festival 1985 (works by Michael Fernandes, Jan Peacock, David Barteaux, Paula Fairfield, Doug Barron, Dawna Gallagher & others). cassette. Halifax: Audio By Artists Festival, 1985.

Audio By Artists Festival 1986 (works by Dan Lander, Michael Fernandes, Bob Bean, Gerald Ferguson, Garry Kennedy, David Barteaux, Allan Paivio, & others). cassette. Halifax: Audio By Artists Festival, 1986.*

Audio Intellect (works by Vito Acconci, John Baldessari, James Lee Byars, Terry Fox, Les Levine, Sarkis & others). LP. Florence: Meta / Recorthings, 1988.

Audio Scene 79 (works by Arleen Schloss, Peter Frank, Maurizio Nannucci, Hank Bull, Heidi Grundman, Ian Murray, Bob George & others). 7 cassettes. London: Audio Arts Supplement, 1979.

Baschet, B. & F. Baschet. Structures for Sound-Musical Instruments by François and Bernard Baschet. LP. New York: Museum of Modern Art, 1965.

Barry, Robert. Otherwise. LP. Eindhoven: Van Abbemuseum, 1981.*

Borofsky, Johnathan & Ed Tomney. Radical Songbirds of Islam. cassette. New York: ROIR 149, 1987.

Beuys, Joseph. Ja Ja Ja Nee Nee Nee. LP. edition Of 500. Mailand: Gabriele Mazzotta Editore, 1970. *

Beuys, Joseph & Henning Christianen. Schottische Symphonie Requiem of Art. 2 LPs. edition 017500. Munich: Edition Schellmann, 1973.*

Beuys, Joseph & d. albrecht. Performance at the ICA London. LP. London: Samadhi Records 1003, 1974.*

Beuys, Joseph & Nam June Paik. Klavier Duett: In Memoriam George Macuinas. LPs. Berlin: Edition Block EB 113 / 14,1978.*

Beuys, Joseph. Sonne Statt Reagan. 7" record. Köln: EMI Electrola 006-46614 1982.*

Big Ego: The Dial-a-Poem Poets (works by John Giorno, Laurie Anderson, Mereditf Monk, Larry Wendt, Patti Smith, William S. Burroughs, Anne Waldman, Clae Oldenburg & others). 2 LPs. New York: Giorno Poetry Systems GPS 012-013 1978.*

Biota. Rackabones. 2 LPs. London: Recommended Records DYS 12 / 13, 1985.

bissett, bill. Awake in the Red Desert. LP. See / Hear Productions ST-5585 1, n.d.

Bob & Bob. We Know You're Alone / We've Been Seeing Things. LP. New York Polydor Records 422-813 395-1, 1983.*

Bogosian, Eric. Eric Bogosian. LP. NewYork: Neutral Records N-1o, 1983.*

Böhmler, Claus. Fernsehen nachste Woche Vorgelessen. cassette. edition of 80 Köln: Edition Hundertmark, 1982. *

Böhmler, Claus. Materilien zur Postmoderne im Bild and Ton. LP. Berlin: Edition Block EB 120, 1986.

Boltanski, Christian. Reconstruction de chansons qui ont ete chantees a Christian Boltanski. 7" record. 1972.

Bow Gamelan Ensemble. The Bow Gamelan Ensemble. cassette. London: Audio Arts Supplement, 1985.*

Branca, Glenn. Symphony No.3 (Gloria) Music f6r the first 127 intervals of the harmonic series. LP. New York: Neutral Records N-4,1983. *

Brisley, Stuart. Georgiana Collection. 2 cassettes. London: Audio Arts, 1987.*

Brown, Earle. Times Five / Octet / December 1952 / Novana. LP. New York: CRI SD 199, n. d.

Bryars, Gavin. The Sinking ofthe Titanic. LP. London: Obscure 1 Editions EG EGED 21, 1975.

Burroughs, S. William. Nothing Here but the Recordings. LP. London: Industrial Records I R00 16, r. 1981.

Burroughs, S. William. Break Through in Grey Room. LP. Brussels: Sub Rosa SUB 33005-8, 1986.

CCMC. CCMC Volume 1. LP. Toronto: Music Gallery Editions, 1974.*

Cage, John. The 25 Year Retrospective Concert of the Music of John Cage. 3 LPs. New York: Cage O, 1958.

Cage, John & David Tudor. Indeterminacy. 2 LPs. New York: Folkways FT 3704, 1959.

Cage, John. John Cage. LP. Milano: Nova Musicha No. I, Cramps Records CRSLP 6101, 1974.*

Cantsin, Monty. Neoist Songs. LP. Montreal: Yul Records 12YUL5, 1983.*

Chambers, Wendy. Car Horn Organ / Brooklyn Bridge. 7" record. New York: Art Music Records, 1982.

Chatham, Rhys. Factor X. LP. Moers: Moers Music, 1982.

Chia, Sandro. Pietra. LP. Rome: 1973.

Christiansen, Henning. Betrayal, opus 144. LP. edition Of 500- Valby: Borgen Records, No. 5202-8, 1982.

Christiansen, Henning. Fluxid (Musik Essayistik). LP. Valby: Borgen Records No. 5475-6, 1983.

Collins, Nicolas. Let the State Make the Selection. LP. New York: Lovely Music Vital Records VR 1712, 1984.

Collins, Nicolas. Devil's Music. LP. New York: Trace Elements TE 113, 1985.*

Cornelissen, Johan. J.C. Equatorial. 2 cassettes & booklet. Amsterdam: Stichting de Appel, 1985.*

Cornelissen, Johan. JC VEJNYC. cassette. Amsterdam: Void Editions, 1985.

Corner, Philip & Charles Sautos. Chocked / Gong. cassette. Florence: Exit & Exempla / Recorthings 7, 1983.

Corner, Philip. Pictures of Pictures from Pictures of Pictures. LP. Berlin: Edition Block EB 106, 1988.

Crafts, Daniel Steven. Soap Opera Suite / Snake Oil Symphony. LP. Berkeley: Lutra Recordings, 1982.*

Cross, Lowell. Video II. LP. Sacramento: Source Records, 1971.

Cunningham, David. Grey Scale. LP. London: Piano Recordings 001, 1977.

Curran, Alvin. Canti E Vedute Del Giardina Magnetico. LP. Rome: Ananda No. 1, 1976. *

Czukay, Holger & Rolf Dammers. Canaxis. LP. K61 n: Spoon Records 015, 1969.

Dada For Now: A collection ofFuturists and Dada Sound Works (works by Antonio Russolo, Luigi Russolo, Hugo Ball, Arthur Honegger, Tristan Tzara, Marcel Janco, Richard Huelsenbeck, Kurt Schwitters, Raoul Hausmann & Giacomo Balla). LP, Liverpool: Ark Dove 4, 1987.

Damaged Life. Refugee Industrial Music fi-om the Future. cassette. Dallas: self published, 1986.*

Davies, Hugh. Shozyg: Musicfor Invented Instruments. LP. Berlin: Free Music Production, SAJ-36, 1982.

Darboven, Hanne. Wende 80. 11 LPs. edition Of 250. Hamburg: Selbstverlag, 1981.

De Appel No.3 (works by Johan Cornelissen, Peter Zegveld, Rod Summers, Terry Fox, Stuart Brisley, Peter Gordon, Mark Stahl, Michael Brewster & others). cassette. Amsterdam: Stichting de Appel, 1984.*

Delavalle, J. Une Demi-Heure. LP. edition of too. Québec: self-published, 1973.

Dias, Antonio. The Space Between. LP. Milano: self-published, 1972.

Dibbets, Jan. Ajsluitdijk. LP. Krefeld: Museum Haus Lange, 1969.

Die Ruche Der Erinnegung (works by Jörg Immendorf, A.R. Penck, Martin Kippenberger, Werner Büttner & others). LP. Hamburg: ZickZack Records ZZ 205, 1984. *

Die Tödliche Doris. Chore & Soli. 8 mini-records with playback device. edition of 1000. Berlin: Gelbe Musik, 1983.

Die Tödliche Doris. Naturkatastrophen. 7" record. Berlin: Gelbe Musik, 1985.*

Dimitrijevic, Braco. His Pencil's Voice. LP. edition of 1. Zagreb: ITD, 1973.

Dowden, Andy. Audio Tapes 1983-1985. 4 cassettes. Halifax: self-published, 1985.*

Downsbrough, Peter. From, LP. Eindhoven: Stedelijk Van Abbemuseum VA 02, 1982.*

Dubuffet, Jean. La Fleur de barbe. LP. Rome: de Luca Editions, 1961.

Dubuffet, Jean. Musical Experiences (1963). LP. New York: Atlantic Recording, 1973.

Duchamp, Marcel. The Entire Musical Work of Marcel Duchamp. LP. Milano: Multhipla Records N. 1, 1976.*

Earwax Productions. Audiographs: Songs From the Tenderloin. cassette. San Francisco: commissioned by New American Radio & Performing Arts Inc. for the New American Series, 1987.

Eastley, Max. New and Rediscovered Musical Instruments. LP. London: Obscure 4, Editions EG EGED 24,1975.

Eckert, Rinde. Shoot the Moving Things. cassette. Los Angeles: High Performance Audio, 1988.

Eno, Brian & David Bryne. My Life in the Bush of Ghosts. LP. New York: Sire Records, 1981.

Experiments in Disintegrating Language / Konkrete Canticle (works by Bob Cobbing, Paula Claire, Michael Chant, Charles Verey, Neil Mills, & Thomas A. Clark). LP. London: The Arts Council of Great Britain 33 AC, 1971 .*

Festival d'In(ter)ventions-1 Neoson(g) Cabaret (works by Julien Blaine, Richard Martel, Dick Higgins, The Four Horsemen, Jean Jonassaint & others). cassette. Québec: Les Editions Intervention, 1985. *

Festival d'In(ter)ventions -2: In Memoriam / Georges Machmas. (works by Monty Canstin, Richard Martel, Alison Knowles, Dick Higgins, The Four Horsemen & others). 2 LPs. Qu6bec: Les Editions Intervention, 1986, *

Finley, Karen. The Truth is Hard to Swallow. LP. Benelux: Pow Wow Art International PWAI 069, 1987.

Flynt, Henry. You Are My Everlovin / Celestial Power. cassette. Köln: Edition Hundertmark, 1981.*

Fontana, Bill. Mang Recycling Skulptur. cassette. Berlin: Edition Giannozzo, 1983.

Four Horsemen. Live in the West. LP. Toronto: Starborne Productions STB-0177, n.d.*

Fox, Terry & Joseph Beuys. Performance. 7" record. Düsseldorf: Kunst-Akademie, 1970.

Fox, Terry. Linkage. LP. Luzern: Kunstmuseum Luzern RP 10 152, t982.

Fox, Terry. Audio Works. cassette. Florence: Exit & Exempla / Recorthings 3, 1983.

Fox, Terry. Berlino I Rallentando. LP. Eindhoven: Apollo Records A R088807, 1988.

Frangione, Nicola. Mail Music Project (works by Gerald Jupitter-Larsen, Rod Summers, P16.D4, Leif Brush, Richard Kostelanetz, Naif Orchestra, Lon Spiegelman, Raffaele Cuomo & others). LP. edition of 1000. Italy: Armadio Officina Audio Editions, 1983. *

Frith, Fred, Bob Ostertag & Phil Minton. Voice of America. LP. New York: Rift Records 4, 1982. *

Fuller, R. Buckminster. Tunings. LP. New York: Tanam Press 7902, 1979.

Fullman, Ellen. The Long String Instrument. LP. Eindhoven: Apollo Records, AR 118501, 1985.*

Futura 2000. The Escapades of Futura 2000. LP. Disc-International A2 / 0 155 DIS 017, 1982.

Futurism and Dada Reviewed (works by Antonio Russolo, Filippo Marinetti, Wyndhan Lewis, Tristan Tzara, Kurt Schwitters, Jean Cocteau). LP. Brussels: Sub Rosa, SUB 33014-19, 1988.

Galas, Diamanda. Diamanda Galas. LP. Berkeley: Metalanguage 119, 1984.*

Garland, David. Control Songs. LP. Wurzburg: Review Records RERE 95, 1986.*

Giant Size $1.57 (works by Jime Dine, Jasper Johns, Claes Oldenburg, Robert Rauschenberg, Andy Warhol & others). LP. Washington: Gallery of Modern Art, 1963,

The Glass Orchestra. The Glass Orchestra. LP. Toronto: Music Gallery Editions 10, 1978. *

Glass, Philip & Robert Wilson. Einstein On The Beach. 4 LPs. New York: Tomato Records TOM-4-290 1, 1979. *

Goldstein, Jack. A Faster Run. A German Shepard. A Swim Against the Tide. The Burning Forest. The Dying Wind. The Lost Ocean Liner. The Tornado. Three Felled Trees. Two Wrestling Cats, nine 7" records. New York: self-published, 1976.

Goldstein, Jack. The Quivering Earth. The Murder. Two Fencers. The Unknown Dimension. 4 LPs. New York / Los Angeles: self-published, 1977.

Goldstein, Jack. The Six-Minute Drown. 7" record. New York / Los Angeles: self published, 1977.

Goldstein, Jack. White label / Silver label. Black label with gold moon. Black label with blue moon / Orange label. Black label with 1 / 4 moon. Blue label / Green label. five 10" LPs. New York: self-published, 1979.

Goldstein, Jack. Planets. six 10" LPs. New York: Neutral Records 7, 1985

George, Green. Buddy Holly, Reptiles and Friends. LP. Tyler: Tyler Museum of Art, 1972.

The Hafler Trio. Brain Song. LP. edition of 1000. London: Touch, T33:5, 1986.

The Hafler Trio. Ignotum per Ignatius. CD. London: Touch TO: 11, 1989.

Hains, R. Disque Bleu pour Saffa. 7" record. Milano: Galleria Blu, 1971.

Hamilton, Richard & Dieter Roth. Canciones de Cadaques. two 7" LPs. edition of 500. Stuttgart: Edition Hansjörg Mayer, 1976.*

Hare, Doug. Synesthesia. cassette. Seattle: Intrepid, 1987.

The Haters. In the Shade of Fire. LP. San Francisco: Silent Records, 1986.

Haufen, Graf. Antimuzick. 7" record. Berlin: Art Core Editions ACE-i, 1985.

Hausswolff, Pauser von. Phauss Audiodrome. LP. Göteborg: Radium RA 029, 1987.

Heidsieck, Bernard. Trois Biopsies + Un Passepartout. LP. Paris: Multi-Techniques, 1976.

Hennessy, Noreen. Girl Scout Diaries. cassette. Los Angeles: High Performance Audio, 1988.

Higgins, Dick. Poems and Metapoems. cassette. New York: New Wilderness Audiographics 814o, 1982.

Higgins, Dick. Bodies Electric: Arches & Requiem for Wagner the Criminal Mayor. cassette. Florence: Exit & Exempla/ Recorthings 5, 1983.

High Performance: The Record / Artists Doing Songs (works by Jacki Apple, Terry Allen, Linda Burnham, Kipper Kids, Michael Peppe, Philip Galas, Bill Harding, Johanna Went & others). 2 LPs. Los Angeles: Astro Artz HP002-5 (Issue 23, Vol.6 No.3), r983.*

Hirsche Nicht Aufs Sofa. Im Schatten der Mohre. LP. Aachen: Dom 77-07, 1986.

History of Unheard Music. Drop It. cassette. New York: self-published, 1985.*

Homler, Anna. Breadwoman. cassette. Los Angeles: Pharmacia Poetica, 1985.*

Hooker, Charlie. Charlie Hooker & Performers. cassette. London: Audio Arts Supplement, Audio Arts, 1987. *

Hooykaas, Madelon & Elsa Stansfield. Transposed Environment. cassette. Amsterdam: White Bird & Cres P.A., 1980.*

Hunt, Jerry. Cantegral Segments. LP. Canton: IRIDA 0032, 1979.

Jandl, Ernst. Laut und Luise. LP. Berlin: Verlag Wagenbach, 1966.

Jones, Joe. Solar Music 17. cassette. edition of 15. Tone-deaf Music World Wide, n.d.*

Jones, Joe. Joe Jones in Performance. LP. edition Of 500. Harlekin Art, 1978.

Julius. Lullaby for the fishes. LP. Berlin: Kunstlerhaus Bethanien 66.23713, 1985.

Just Another Asshole 5 (works by Dara Birnbaum, Dan Graham, Arleen Schloss, Bob George, Bill Buchen, Barbara Kruger, Remko Sha, Z'ev & a host of others). LP. New York: Just Another Asshole, n.d.*

Kahn, Douglas. Hotel. cassette. San Francisco: commissioned by New Radio & Performing Arts Inc. for the New American Radio Series, 1987. *

Kahn, Douglas. The Trompebone of Chris Schiff. cassette. San Francisco: commissioned by New Radio & Performing Arts Inc. for the New American Radio Series, 1989.

Kaprow, Allan. How to Make a Happening. LP. New York: Something Else Press, 1966. *

Kelley, Mike. The Peristaltic Airwaves. cassette. Los Angeles: High Performance Audio, 1988.

Klein, Yves. Prince of Space. LP. Los Angeles: Sight & Sound Production T 74975, n.d.*

Knizak, Milan. Broken Music. 7" record & cassette. edition Of 40. Köln: Edition Hundertmark, n. d. *

Köpcke, Addi. Music While You Work. LP. edition Of 30, Berlin: Rene Block Edition, 1958-64.

Kriwet. Campaign Wahlkampf In Den USA. 3 LPs. Düsseldorf: Droste Verlag, 1974. *

Kubisch, Christina. On Air. cas sette. Milano: Melania Productions, 1984.

Kubisch, Christina & Fabrizio Plessi. tempo liquido. LP. Milano: Cramps Records No. 5206210, T979.

Kubisch, Christina. Night Flights. LP. Milano: A Dull Note Record DMM 004 R, 1986. *

Kuivila, Ron. Fidelity. LP. New York: Lovely Music / Vital Records VR 1722, 1984.

La Barbara, Joan. Voice is the Original Instrument. LP. New York: Wizard Records RVW 2266, 1976.*

LaPalma, Marina & Jay Cloidt. Ixna . 7" record. San Francisco: Dumb Records PJ 101, 1981.*

Lander, Dan. MOTPIKHO: mostofthepeopleIknowhaveone. cassette. edition Of 34. Toronto: self-published, 1987 / 88.

Lander, Dan. Talking to a Loudspeaker. cassette. Toronto: commissioned by New American Radio & Performing Arts Inc. for the New American Radio Series, 1989. *

Lautpoesie: Eine Anthologie (works by Jeremy Alder, Elke Erb, Bernard Heidsieck, Oskar Pastior, Valeri Scherstjanoi, Larry Wendt & others). LP. Obermichelbach: Gertraud Scholz Verlag, 1987.

Lax, Robert. Sea & Sky, Black & White. cassette. Florence: Exit & Exempla Recorthings i, 1981.

Lerman, Richard. Travelon Gamelon: Music For Bicycles. LP. New York: Folkways Records FX 624 1, 1982.

Levine, Les. John & Mimi's Book Of Love. cassette. edition Of 75. N. I. L. Volume 4, n.d.*

Levine, Les. Wire Tap. cassette. edition Of 75. N.I.L. Volume 2, n.d.

Life is a Killer (works by John Giorno, Jayne Cortez, Four Horsemen, Ned Sublette, Rose Lesniak, Brion Gysin, Amid Baraka, & Jim Carroll). LP. New York: Giorno Poetry Systems GPS 027, 1982. *

Live To Air: Artist's Sound Works (works by Vito Acconci, Helen Chadwick, David Cunningham, Tina Keane, Bruce McLean, Dieter Roth, Arleen Schloss, Rod Summers & a host of others) - 3 cassettes. London: Audio Arts, 1982.

Lockwood, Annea. Tiger Balm. LP. Sacramento: Source Records, 1971.

Lockwood, Annea. A Sound Map ofthe Hudson River. CD. New York: Lovely Music 2001, 1989.

Logos Duos. Composition. LP. Brussels: Igloo Records IGL 011, 1983.*

Lora-Totino, Arrigo & Fogliati. IL Liquimofono-Poesia Liquida. LP. Milano: Schweiller, 1968.

Lovely Little Records (works by John Bischoff, Frankie Mann, Paul De Marinis, 'Blue' Gene Tyranny, Maggi Payne & Phil Harmonic). Six 7" records. New York: Lovely Music /Vital RecordsVR 101-06, 1981*

Lucier, Alvin. Bird and Person Dying. LP. Milano: Nova Musicha No. 11, Cramps Records CRSLP 6111, 1975.*

Lucier, Alvin. Music on a Long Thin Wire. 2 LPs. New York: Lovely Music / Vital Records VR 1011 /12, 1980.*

Lucier, Alvin. I Am Sitting In A Room. LP. New York: Lovely Music / Vital Records VR 1013, 1981.*

Lucier, Alvin. Music for Solo Performer. LP. New York: Lovely Music / Vital Records VR 10 14, 1982.

Maciunas Ensemble. Music for Everyman. LP. Eindhoven: Apollo Records AR 028605,1986.

Mackay, Allan Harding. Compilation / Vocal / Sound. cassette. Bern: self-published, 1985.*

Mackenzie, Robin. A Sound Work to Accompany. LP. Toronto: Carmen Lamanna Gallery, 1972.*

Mag Magazin, No.'s 1-8 (1: Tom Marioni, Arleen Schloss, Maurizio Nannucci, Otto Eder; 2: Peter Downsbrough, Julia Heyward, Laurie Anderson; 3: Joan Labarbara, Terry Fox, 5: Marino Vismara, Albert Mayr, Dragan Ilic; 6: Christina Kubisch, Fabrizio Plessi; 7: Dale Franks; 8: Corsin Fontana, Werni Lehmann). cassettes. Wien: Modern Art Gallery, 1980. *

Marchetti, Walter. La Caccia (da 'Arpocrate Seduto sul Loto'). LP. Milano: Nova Musicha No-4, CrampsRecords 5206 104, 1965.*

Marchetti, Walter. In terram utopicam. LP. Milano: Nova Musicha No. 15, Cramps Records 5206115, 1977.*

Marclay, Christian. Record Without A Cover. LP. New York: Recycled Records, 1985. *

Marclay, Christian. Footsteps. one-sided LP. edition of 1000. Zurich: Shedhalle / Rec ReC 26 LL7981, 1989.

Marinetti, Filippo. La Battaglia di Adrianopoli, 1935. LP. Milano: La Voice del Padrone / EMI, 19481975.

McKenzie, Andrew M. Protection. LP. London: Touch T33.6, 1986.*

McLean, Bruce & Sylvia Ziranek. Sorry: A minimal Musical in parts. cassette. London: Audio Arts Supplement, 1979. *

McMahon, Paul. How I Love Your Paintings. 7" record. New York: Fos Records ER31, ig8t.*

McMahon, Paul. Paul McMahon. LP. New York: Neutral Records N-13, 1986.*

Merzbow. With Memorial Gadgets. 2 LPs. Lowell: RRRecords RRRRR004, 1986.

Mims, Jack, Uncle Jack's Medicine Show. LP. Tyler: Tyler Museum of Art, 1972.

Minus Delta T. The Project. LP. Dilsseldorf: Ata Tak WR 2 1, 1984. *

Minutes (works by Winston Tong, Jean Cocteau, Jacques Derrida, William S. Burroughs, Richard Jobson, The Monochrome Set & Louis Phillippe). LP. LTM V:XV, 1987.*

Minutes to Go (works by William S. Burroughs, The Anti Group, Cabaret Voltaire, Jean Cocteau, Jacques Derrida, Winston Tong & others). LP. Benelux: Interior Music IM no, 1987.

Mixed Band Philanthropist. The Impossible Humane (with contributions from Nurse with Wound, P16.134, Asmus Tietchens, Merzbow, The Haters, Vittore Baroni & others). LP. Mainz: Selektion SLP007, 1986.

Monahan, Gordon. Speaker Swinging. LP. Toronto: self-published GM 002, 1987.*

Monk, Meredith. Our Lady Of Late. LP. New York: Minona Records MNiooi, 1973. *

Monk, Meredith. Dolmen Music. LP. New York: ECM-1-1-197, 1981.

Muehl, Otto. AMM 1. Aktions Analytische Musik. LP. Wien: AA Verlag, n.d.

Mumma, Gordon. Dresden / Venezia / Megaton. LP. New York: Lovely Music / Vital Records VR 1 091, 1979. *

Muntadas, Antonio. Stadium. CD. Banff: Walter Phillips Gallery 8901 18EE, 1989.

Murray, Ian. The Top Song / Keeping On Top Of The Top Song. LP. edition Of 250. Halifax: self-published QCS 1062, 1973.*

Musica Futurista. 2 LPs. Milano: Collano Multhipla / Cramps Records 5204 002, 1980. *

Musicworks 26: A Walk Through The City (with Patrick Ready, Hildegard Westerkamp, John Oswald, Marvin Green & others). cassette. Toronto: Musicworks, 1983.*

Musicworks 30: Sound Constructions (with Logos Duos, Leif Brush, Richard Raymond, John Oughton & others). cassette. Toronto: Musicworks, 1985. *

Musicworks 31: Women Voicing (with Susan Frykberg, Ann Southam, Wendy Bartley, Pauline Oliveros, Gayle Young & others). cassette. Toronto: Musicworks, 1985.*

Musicworks 34: There is no reason to believe that music exists (with John Oswald, Larry Wendt, Paul Haines, Carl Stallings, Casey Sokol & others). cassette. Toronto: Musicworks, 1986.*

Mystery Laboratory. Plunderphonics (with Elvis Presley, Dolly Parton, Count Basey, Igor Stravinsky, John Oswald, Michael Snow, Bill Frisell, Marvin Green & others). LP. Toronto: Mystery Lab, 1988.

Nannucci, Maurizio. Readings. LP. Florence: Time, 1969.

Nannucci, Maurizio. Parole / Mots / Words / Wbrter. 7" record. Florence: Zona Edizioni, 1979.*

Nannucci, Maurizio. Audio / Sound / Radio Works. cassette. Florence: Exit & Exempla / Recorthings 6, 1983.

Negativland. Escape from Noise. LP. Zurich: RecRec Music 17, 1987.

Ne", Music for Electronic and Recorded Media (works by Johanna M. Bayer, Annea Lockwood, Pauline Oliveros, Laurie Spiegel, Megan Roberts, Ruth Anderson & Laurie Anderson). LP. Berkeley: 175o Arch Records, 1977. *

Nice Style at Garage (with Bruce McLean, Duncan Smith & others). cassette. London: Audio Arts Supplement, 1974.*

The Nihilist Spasm Band. Volume 2. LP. Toronto: Music Gallery Editions MGE 13, 1979. *

Nitsch, Hermann. Partitur der 56. Aktion / Requiem für Meine Fran Beate. 3 LPs. Napoli: Studio Morra, 1977. *

Nitsch, Hermann. 60 Aktion Berlin 1978. LP. edition Of 500. Stuttgart: Dieter Roth's Verlag JST 236, 1979. *

Noise Fest. Noise Fest. cassette. New York: ZG Music 5, 1981.*

The Nova Convention (works by John Cage, Les Levine, Julia Heyward, Frank Zappa, Allen Ginsberg, Laurie Anderson, Terry Southern, Robert Anton Wilson & others). 2 LPs. New York: Giorno Poetry Systems GPS 014-015, 1979.*

Nurse With Wound. The Sylvie and Babs Hi-fi Companion. LP. Brussels: Laylah Records LAY 15, 1985.

Oliveros, Pauline. The Well & The Gentle. 2 LPs. Therwil: Hat Hut Records, Hat Art 2020, 1985.

Ono, Yoko. Fly. 2 LPs. London: Apple Records svbb 3380, n.d.

Ono, Yoko & John Lennon. Two Virgins. LP. London: Apple Records T-5001, 1968.

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