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The Empire State Building
A Reference Work

Roger Cutforth

The History of a Landmark

The Thompson Farm.
The Astor Mansion
The Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. (Demolished 1929)
The Empire State Building. (Completed 1931)

How the Empire State Building Was Constructed
Conception. The highest building in the world.

Conceiving the basic plans.

1 of 16 concepts.

The solution of the structure.

The base of 5 stories.

The tower of 81 stories.

The pointed top terminating the

building at the 102nd storey.*

Construction. (1)

Foundations, 55 feet.

Steel columns embedded in bedrock.

Steel framework of the building.

Exterior walls, Indiana limestone.

Exterior fittings, aluminum and

Construction. (2)

Begun March 1930.

Completed May 1931.

*Added to this latter a 22 storey TV tower.

The World's Tallest Structure

1931. The Empire State Building.

The Men

The Architects. Shreve, Lamb & Harmon Associates.
The Builders.
The Manufacturers.

The Empire State Building at Night

The upper 30 floors and tower illuminated by
floodlights from dusk until midnight.

Hub of Midtown Manhattan

The centre of a Transportation Network, only
minutes from the following transit hubs:
East Side Airways Terminal.
West Side Airways Terminal.
Grand Central Station.
Pennsylvania Station.
Port Authority Trans Hudson Bus Terminal.
New York Bus and Subway Systems.

Television Tower:
Transmitting centre of all TV stations in
the metropolitan area.

The View From The Empire State Building Observatories
North. New York City Public Library, Rockefeller

Center, Times Square, Central Park, The

George Washington Bridge, Borough of

the Bronx.
South. Wall Street, The Woolworth Building,

Flatiron Building, Brooklyn Bridge,

Borough of Brooklyn.
East. The Chrysler Building, United Nations

Building, The East River, Queensboro

Bridge, Borough of Queens.
West. Macy's, Madison Square Garden,

New York Harbor, The Hudson River,

New Jersey.

The World's Most Distinguished Address

The Empire State Building,
New York 1, New York.

The Eight Wonders of the World

The Great Pyramids.
The Hanging Gardens of Babylon.
The Statue of Zeus.
The Temple of Diana.
The Tomb of King Mausolus.
The Colossus of Rhodes.
The Lighthouse of Pharos.
The Empire State Building.

A Visit to the Eighth Wonder of the World

The Entrance.
The Lobby.
The Elevators.
The 86th Floor Observatory, 1050 feet above
street level.
The 102nd Floor Observatory, 1250 feet above
street level.