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TV Camera/Monitor Performance, 1970
Dan Graham

A stage facing and at the level of the tops of heads of members of a seated audience as wide, but approximately ten rows deep, is opposite and parallel to a rear TV monitor placed just above the heads of those in the last row. Lying, feet facing the audience, on my back I roll parallel to the left and right edges of the stage while directing a TV camera extending an image to the monitor. My “orientation” consists of slowly and continuously rolling while at all times possible orienting the camera to feed back the image to the monitor simultaneously.

The monitor’s image shows images within image-reflecting machine feedback; my legs – body extensions – shifting in realignment to the direction of the monitor; the heads of the spectators turning either one way or the other. These all are closed feedback systems or loops (the audience to its own bodies, my “learning”/machine to itself, and the machine in terms of itself). The audience shifts attention as they and the performer shift the tensions of their muscular framework.