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if I was a master thief, perhaps I'd rob them
Positively 4th Street
- Bob Dylan

West 3rd Street

super vege flaying our guitars for Caroline or Roz's team it's different figures us ok but what these people don't know anything about that suede life everything I'm telling you is a fact

West 4th Street

pop dog fork right there automatic ram garage your ultra swan pepper steak I'm on the street now I just left the hospital boat care why are you telling me this train dunked philosophy soy

Washington Place

sunshine spirituality you're confusing us with boot cut gothic alliance turtles as a new pet financing stone for the stars this place blows I don't see what's so sexy about it top lobby

Waverly Place

always in the all over the world wonderful surprise off a sudden lack of any major art movement my publisher tells me it's out of print but nobody tells me anything I'm sorry

West 8th Street

Man Plus you'll see me out there a full pair of snappy west coast choppers organic steam table dansko cambio angela davis camouflage girls vamp glam adamantly fetish friendly pouring

West 9th Street

one of the largest and irregularly defined Italianate media celebrities as well I'm not sure we're not meeting I know she's meeting a couple of her friends but after that overhead deposit

West 10th Street

gosh we're in a whole new neck of the wood world class fascinating it is just so fascinating hardwood path Emilio why can't we all go and meet them there 14th street you can't go up

West 11th Street

gowns get ten years back Ives are you ever like the lost French-Indian Twiller admiral don't feel like you have to low rise ascension pantry take one do I look like a durango synagogue

West 12th Street

wholesome like everything looks good on her anyway he won a prize a physics prize a highschooler isn't that funny he was all like oh my friend Ben Afleck and I separate sofa units

West 13th Street

don't tell me to take a walk it whirls royal flush the freshly tossed we are at the risk of losing our aprs quad filaments custom aldar court Drewe liberty Milano what are you honking at

West 14th Street

soul signs commerce into the west character patterns send videos what are you doing this weekend just relaxing right it makes the beginning of summer a really good point close jumbo multi-use hot-n-ready daisy mavericks but I think most people we do U jubilee more Greek Hollywood soft observer going out everything with exam sure what time are we talking about

West 15th Street

slate in suit ok for me it is a problem rendezvous yarn I'm gonna start off and get some dinner literally craving science fiction borders Tibet waxing includes pouring hot chocolate skin film

West 16th Street

not once did she starting over pets family singer drop treatment you want me to show you how to do a one-armed pull-up grill benches Coach a national cell theory Sarah understands

West 17th Street

PFS CNK BLZ JNS sleep now video old all over cove a better eco flash inn elevator to the ocean how easy is this old storm wiggle this with a dark shirt and a pair of jeans it's frosted

West 18th Street

decorative slaves of wonder who started as lovely indigenous home gifts 10 mile inspirations what is modern sculpture again and I want them to be bright play house mimosa presentation

West 19th Street

the supple west anchor body authority portfolio smoothie look at the fucking light asshole mom there's no rush hour on Saturdays yeah what do you call this green peace now baking

West 20th Street

riveting innocence hides no. 9 keep going keep going mounting signatures spring walk-ins how you doing esso crystal VIP pistol range no work boots vegetables rock ask us about it

West 21st Street

oh so they say the house of anonymously unsafe great American masquerade so is she still sleeping call the world from this phone neckface blow-out I have no idea did you call me

West 22nd Street

classic fiber dumping apply dupes just calm down comfort academy like you're gonna really appreciate that per cominciare everything you want is possible that Ralph G-A-B-like boy

West 23rdStreet

it's actually fine but you know what I mean upper di volo TV's it girl kick your ass light-weight water-resistent guys take a look originals no bootleg no copies what floor 4th floor computer giant and sons it's so ridiculous Medici style riliable and courteous u.b.u. shoegasm I don't know what to tell you check Kmart and then call me right back yeah yeah right

West 24th Street

talking antique something toy south I should get a job here due to her universal all of a sudden I have a malpractice suit I know what you mean but mine's starting to look like a portrait

West 25th Street

pull-up grand runner I mean is there any way that all night showcase pays you back superior Johannesburg equipment dog spa I don't have any money right now yedsonic memories we're

West 26th Street

Apollo mango shea butter body wash then he popped out I'm not adding onto the house just yet ripe building sticker replay chivo seabliss epoch McGrady pro-land we have plain T-shirt

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