Top Tens

UbuWeb Top Ten:
February 2007

Selected by Charles Bernstein

1. Kevin Davies, "Pause Button" [PDF]
2. Craig Dworkin, "Legion II" [PDF]
3. Deanna Ferguson, "The Relative Minor" [PDF]
4. Marjorie Perloff, "Concrete Prose: Haraldo de Campos Galáxias and After"
5. Yunte Huang, "Angel Island and the Poetics of Error" [PDF]
6. George Kuchar, "The Kiss of Frankenstein" [PDF]
7. Ron Silliman, "Sunset Debris" [PDF]
8. Aram Saroyan, "Aram Saroyan"
9. Brian Kim Stefans, "Alpha Betty's Chronicles"
10. Hannah Weiner, "Little Books/Indians"
Bonus Track: Gertrude Stein, from Five Words in a Line

Ubu is justly famous for its extraordinary collection of audio and movie files and historical sound and visual poetry. For this list, however, I mostly chose from UBU's contemporary selection of poetry books and essays. - Charles Bernstein

Charles Bernstein's most recent book is Girly Man. With Al Filreis he directs PennSound and with Loss Pequeño Glazier the Electronic Poetry Center, where he has a web log.