Top Tens

UbuWeb Top Ten
May 2012
Selected by Ina Blom

1. Kenneth Anger - Puce Moment
2. Charlemagne Palestine - Island Song
3. Christian Marclay - Record Without A Cover | Marclay on Ubu
4. Keith Sonnier - Air to Air I & II
5. Raoul Hausmann- Phonemes | Hausmann on UbuWeb
6. Robert Filliou - A Filliou Sampler
7. Philip Guston's Poem Pictures
8. Wilhelm Sasnal - The Band
9. Pina Bausch - Café Müller
10. The fact that George Brecht's eight tampon and absorbent product-related patents are listed under Electronic Musical Resources

Ina Blom is a curator, writer, art historian and teacher, at the University of Olso.