Top Tens

UbuWeb Top Ten:
January 2009

Selected by James Hoff

1. Sjollander/Weck: Extracts from Monument
2. Ron Rice: A Brief History of Anti-Records and Conceptual Records
3. Alan Sondheim: Run by Me
4. Ulay: Action in 14 Predetermined Sequences
5. Joseph Nechvatal: viral symphOny (28'09")
6. Henry Chopin Performance: Undated
7. CoLab: All Color News Sampler
8. John Cage / Wim Mertens "So that each person is in charge of himself."from A Dip in the Lake
9. Dec-Francis: Rant 2
10. Charlemagne Palestine: Island Song

James Hoff is an artist living in New York City. He, along with Miriam Katzeff, is the co-founder of Primary Information.