Top Tens

UbuWeb Top Sixteen
November 2011
Selected by Los Angeles Free Music Society

1. Richard Serra - Railroad Turnbridge
(Joe Potts)
2. An Interview With Henry Miller; Life As I See It; Henry Miller Recalls and Reflects (Dennis Duck)
3. The Poetics - Soundworks (1977-1993) (Fredrik Nilsen)
4. Kenny Graham and his Satellites - Moondog and Suncat Suites (1957) (Rick Potts)
5. Sun Ra on WXPN Christmas Day 1976 (Ace Farren Ford)
6. The Films of Mauricio Kagel (Tom Recchion)
7. The Outsider: The Story of Harry Partch (Dennis Duck)
8. The Fims of Michael Snow (Joe Potts)
9. Tod Dockstader - Interview 1963 (WRVR, Riverside Radio, New York City)(Fredrik Nilsen)
10. GUTAI - Japanese Performance Art, 1956-1970 (Tom Recchion)
11. Salvador Dalí - A Soft Self Portrait (1967) (Ace Farren Ford)
12. Jack Smith - Flaming Creatures (Ace Farren Ford)
13. Out of Orbit: The Life and Times of Marshall McLuhan (1999) (Tom Recchion)
14. La Monte Young - The Well-Tuned Piano in The Magenta Lights (87 V 10 6:43:00 PM – 87 V 10 01:07:45 AM NYC) (Tom Recchion)
15. Sculpture Mouvante - Jean Tinguely (1981) (Tom Recchion)
16. The Films of Kurt Kren (1929-1998) (Tom Recchion)

Influential experimental-music anarchists Los Angeles Free Music Society have had an immeasurable impact on the spread and evolution of noise, avant-garde music, and DIY culture in the past 40 years.