Top Tens

UbuWeb Top Ten for February 2011
Selected by Ràdio Web MACBA
10 Curators Selected 10 Resources

1. Isidore Isou - Traité de bave et d'éternité
(Selected by Frédéric Acquaviva)
2. John Berger - Ways of Seeing: Commercial Art
(Selected by Chris Cutler)
3. Sten Hanson - That Jackson Is My Favourite Poet
(Selected by Ricardo Duque and Lucrecia Dalt)
4. John MacDonald - Strathspey / The Reel Of Tulloch (Celtic Mouth Music)
(Selected by Mark Fell)
5. James Joyce reading 'Anna Livia Plurabelle'
(Selected by Joe Gilmore)
6. Brenda Hutchinson - Violet Flames
(Selected by Barbara Held)
7. Hermann Nitsch -'Allerheiligensinfonie 1', from 6th Symphony / Allerheiligensinfonie
(Selected by Roc Jiménez de Cisneros)
8. Robert Ashley - Music With Roots In The Aether
(Selected by Jon Leidecker)
9. Gregory Whitehead - we all scream alone
(Selected by Felix Kubin)
10. Paul De Marinis - Eenie Meenie Chillie Beenie
(Selected by Anna Ramos)

Ràdio Web MACBA is a radiophonic project that explores the possibilities of the internet and radio as spaces of synthesis and exhibition. This platform, which began in 2006 as a showcase for the exhibitions and activities of the Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona (MACBA), has developed into a content-generator for specific projects, focusing on the exploration of sound art, radiophonic art and experimental music.