Top Tens

UbuWeb Top Ten:
September 2009

Selected by Sina Najafi
(Cabinet magazine)

1. Forough Farrokhzad - The House is Black / Khaneh Siyah Ast (1962)
2. Ali Akbar Sadeghi - Malek Khorshid (1975)
3. Tacita Dean - Kodak (2006)
4. Derek Jarman - Shadow of the Sun (1980)
5. Survival Research Laboratories - Virtues of Negative Fascination (1985-86)
6. William Burroughs | Keynote Commentary & Roosevelt After Inauguration (MP3, 5:52) [from The Nova Convention]
7. Bengt af Klintberg - The Cursive Scandinavian Slave (1967)
8. Ezra Pound - Canto XVII ("So that the vine burst from my fingers')(MP3, 7:00)
9. The Signifying Monkey: Two Versions of a Toast, Example 2 (MP3, 2'58")
10. Unknown Artist -- No One Should Collect Anything

""Ubu is an embarrassment of riches. After hours of aimless but enjoyable rummaging, I finally decided to employ the ultimate organizing principle -- narcissism. This list is structured around my own life and comprises works I like from the four countries I've lived in. The ten items are chronological (Iran, UK, US, Sweden, and back to the US) and proportioned according to the time I spent in each place. I included Tacita Dean, who is exactly my age, not only because I like her work but because she went to a school across the street from mine in Canterbury, England." - Sina Najafi

Sina Najafi is editor-in-chief of Cabinet magazine.