Top Tens

UbuWeb Top Ten
November 2013
Selected by Nein Quarterly / Eric Jarosinski

1. Theodor W. Adorno Punctuation Marks [PDF]
2. Ernst Jandl What You Can Do Without Vowels
3. Klaus Kinski reads Brecht's An die Nachgeborenen
4. Jorge Luis Borges The Metaphor
5. The Voice of Samuel Beckett
6. Spalding Gray excerpt from "Sex and Death to Age 14"
7. Henry Miller Henry Miller Recalls and Reflects
8. Out of Orbit: The Life and Times of Marshall McLuhan
9. Susan Sontag Unguided Tour AKA Letter from Venice
9. Paul Celan Todesfuge

Eric Jarosinski teaches modern German literature, culture, and critical theory at the University of Pennsylvania. He also writes and edits the journal @NeinQuarterly, a Compendium of Utopian Negation found on Twitter and soon at He is currently preparing his exit from the academy to embark upon an exciting new career as an aphorist, failed intellectual, translator, journalist, and cultural critic at large.