Top Tens

UbuWeb Top Twenty-One
April 2012
Selected by Linda Norden

1. George Kubler - Style and Representation of Historical Time
2. Robert Smithson - Strata, a Geographic Fiction
3. Ed Ruscha - Parking Lot (detail)
4. The Musical Works of Alexander Scriabin
5. Jorge Luis Borges - The Craft of Verse: The Norton Lectures, 1967-68
6. Erik Satie - Pièces pour Guitare
7. Leslie Thornton - Peggy and Fred in Kansas
8. The Films of Ryan Trecartin
9. Todd Haynes - Dottie Gets Spanked
10. Frances Stark - This is not exactly a Cat Video
11. Joyce Wieland - Cat Food
12. Sun Ra - Brother From Another Planet
13. Phil Collins - The Louder You Scream The Faster We Go
14. The Films of Rodney Graham
15. Emile de Antonio - Point of Order
16. Rare Audio from Anthology Film Archives
17. The Films of Peggy Ahwesh
18. Bruce Nauman
19. Jordan Wolfson - Untitled
20. Mike Kelley - Extracurricular Activity & Superman Recites Selections from "The Bell Jar" and Other Works by Sylvia Plath

Linda Norden is a curator, writer, art historian and teacher, currently at large in New York.