Top Tens

UbuWeb Top Ten:
March 2008

Selected by Seth Price

1. Tessa Hughes-Freeland "Baby Doll" (1982)
2. Marie Menken "Glimpse of the Garden" (1957)
3. Robert Barry "Interview (1969)"
4. Ethyl Eichelberger "Jocasta (Boy Crazy) or "She Married Her Son" (1986)
5. Lytle Shaw "Low-Level Bureaucratic Structures: Principles of the Emeryville Shellmound
6. Taj Mahal Travellers "Taj Mahal Travellers on Tour" (1973)
7. Asger Jorn "Pataphysics: A Religion in the Making"
8. Racter "The Policeman's Beard Is Half-Constructed" (1984)
9. Tristan Tzara "A Note on Negro Poetry" (1918)
10. I.B.M. 7090 "Music From Mathematics" (1962)

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