Top Tens

UbuWeb Top Ten:
November 2009

Selected by Purtill Family Business

1. Dick Higgins - A Book About Love & War, 1965. Chapter 7 & Death Canto 1 (PDF)
2. Rege Cordic & Mr. Sargent - Sounds of Ground Breaking
3. Charles Simonds, Birth (1970)
4. Michael Snow, La Region Centrale
5. Robert Smithson - Strata, a Geophotographic Fiction
6. Wallace Berman, Untitled (1973)
7. Bob Lewis and Alfred Etter - The Braille Trail
8. Hollis Frampton, Heterodyne, 1967
9. Clark Coolidge + Philip Guston, Line Drops
10. Seth Price, Dispersion, 2002. (See clip art on page 6!) [PDF, 4.5mb]

Purtill Family Business (Conny Purtill all the time and Jenelle Porter sometimes) is a graphic design studio specializing in catalogues for artists and museums. Lately, they have been thinking a lot about the ground.