Top Tens

UbuWeb Top Ten:
November 2006

Selected by Ingrid Schaffner

1. Aspen Magazine, No. 3: The Pop Art Issue
2. Charles Bernstein "The Ballad of the Girly Man" (MP3)
3. Christian Morgenstern: Sound Poems
4. Bern Porter "The Last Acts of St. Fuck You" (MP3)
5. William S. Burroughs "Origin and Theory of the Tape Cut Ups" (MP3)
6. Patti Smith "Parade" (MP3)
7. The Free Jack Ads
8. Salvador Dali "Apoth du Dollar" (MP3)
9. The Signifying Monkey in Ethnopoetics (MP3)
10. Ethel Waters "That Dada Strain" (MP3)
11. Paul McCarthy "Boston Bay" (MP3)
12. Marcel Broodthaers "Interview with a Cat"

Ingrid Schaffner is a writer and curator. She is currently working on 2 exhibitions steeped in collage: "Karen Kilimnik" (with the Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia) and "Jess: To and From the Printed Page" (with Independent Curators International).