Top Tens

UbuWeb Top Ten:
June 2008

Selected by Ron Silliman

1. Frank Film (1973), Frank and Caroline Mouris
2. The Name (1973), Robert Creeley
3. Recollections of Grande Apachería (1973), Edward Dorn
4. Reading at Goddard College (1973), Robert Creeley
5. Carnival The First Panel: 1967-1970 (1973), Steve McCaffery
6. Black Tarantula Crossword Gathas (excerpt) (1973), Jackson Mac Low
7. A Vocabulary for Sharon Belle Matlin (1973), Jackson Mac Low
8. Heavy Aspirations (1973), Charles Amirkhanian
9. Armand Schwerner (1973), Phil Niblock (real video .rm file)
10. High Kukus (1973), James Broughton

Ron Silliman was once a slow left-handed second baseman. Now he lives in a faux forest in what was once the Biddle Estate.