10 + 2=12 American Text-Sound Pieces (1974)

  1. Charles Amirkhanian: Just (1972)
  2. Charles Amirkhanian: Heavy Aspirations (1973)
  3. Clark Coolidge: Preface (1968 excerpted)
  4. John Cage (jack Briece, vocalist): 62 Mesostics Re Merce Cunningham (1971)
  5. John Giorno: Give it to me baby (1967)
  6. Anthony Gnazzo: The population Explosion (1969) [recorded in the wind-off grooves of side one]
  7. Charles Dodge: Speech Songs (1973-excerpts: no.1 When I am with you/no.2 He Destroys her image)
  8. Robert Ashley: In Sara, Mencken, Christ and Beethoven There Were Men and Women. (1972-3, excerpt)
  9. Beth Anderson: Terero Piece (1973)
  10. Brion Gysin: I've Come to Free the Words (1962)
  11. Liam O'Gallagher: Border Dissolve in Audiospace (1970)
  12. Aram Saroyan: Crickets (1965) [recorded in the wind-off grooves of side two]

Arch Records, San Francisco, USA, 1974, 12" LP

The first major recorded anthology of American sound poetry, edited by Charles Amirkhanian for 1750 Arch Records and released originally in 1974. Includes two works by Amirkhanian: Just and Heavy Aspirations. Additional works by Clark Coolidge, John Cage, John Giorno, Anthony Gnazzo, Charles Dodge, Robert Ashley, Beth Anderson, Liam O'Gallagher and Aram Saroyan. Includes extensive notes enclosed in four-page booklet. Rare collector's item.

Charles Amirkhanian in UbuWeb Sound
Clark Coolidge in UbuWeb Sound John Cage in UbuWeb Sound John Giorno in UbuWeb Sound Robert Ashley in UbuWeb Sound Beth Anderson in UbuWeb Sound Brion Gysin in UbuWeb Sound Aram Saroyan in UbuWeb Sound