Iannis Xenakis (1922-2001)

Metastasis, Pithoprakta & Eonta

  1. Metastasis (8:59)
  2. Pithoprakta (9:43)
  3. Eonta (19:27)

    Recorded At – Studios De l'O.R.T.F. & Studio Geneix

    This is the original first issue of this album. Comes in a gatefold, hard carboard cover with buckram spine, which contains within it a more "common" album cover which houses the LP. Date of release does not appear on the release, but it is 1965, as Xenakis won the Grand Prix du disque for this LP that year.

    62 - Iannis Xenakis - Metastasis, Pithoprakta, Eonta - 1965 - Le Chant du Monde LDX-A-8368

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