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AGP149 - Igor Stravinsky (1882-1971) | Symphony of Psalms, Canticum Sacrum

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  1. Stravinsky, Symphony of Psalms [21:26] [MP3]

  2. Stravinsky, Canticum Sacrum [19:10] [MP3]

  3. Stravinsky, Canticum Sacrum [19:10] [MP3]

  4. AGP 149 notes [TXT]


AGP149 is a transcription of an Argo LP (ZRG 799) from 1975, featuring two choral works by Igor Stravinsky: Symphony of Psalms (1930) and Canticum Sacrum (1955). They are both performed by The Choir of Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford, and the Philip Jones Ensemble, conducted by Simon Preston. The LP was produced by Michael Bremner and engineered by Stanley Goodall. Symphony of Psalms has long been a favorite of mine, and Canticum Sacrum is along for the ride. Both 24-bit and 16-bit files for Symphony of Psalms are included. The latter is in CD format.

The LP transcribed for this installment is in very good condition. There is a bit of light noise at the beginning of Symphony of Psalms but then it quiets down nicely. There is the occasional isolate pop in Canticum Sacrum, most of which were eliminated with the mildest possible de-clicking. Argo LPs are sometimes prone to tracking distortion, but there is none to speak of in this one.

I didn't scan the LP cover notes (sorry, I'm getting lazy), largely because they didn't say anything that you couldn't find on the internet. Here's a nice site with texts and analysis for both works: