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FM Einheit and Andreas Ammer
Radio Inferno Hörspiel nach Dantes Inferno in 34 Gesängen (1993)

1. Canto I

2. Canto II

3. Canto III

4. Canto IV

5. Canto V

6. Canto VI

7. Canto VII

8. Canto VIII

9. Canto IX

10. Canto X

11. Canto XI

12. Canto XII

13. Canto XIII

14. Canto XIV

15. Canto XV

16. Canto XVI

17. Canto XVII

18. Canto XVIII

19. Canto XIX

20. Canto XX

21. Canto XXI

22. Canto XXII

23. Canto XXIII

24. Canto XXIV

25. Canto XXV

26. Canto XXVI

27. Canto XXVII

28. Canto XXVIII

29. Canto XXIX

30. Canto XXX

31. Canto XXXI

32. Canto XXXII

33. Canto XXXIII

34. Canto XXXIV


Dante's, Eyes, Brain & Mouth: Blixa Bargeld
Vergil, the Guide: Phil Minton
Beatrice and the Creatures of Hell: Yvonne Ducksworth
La Divina Commedia: Enzo Minarelli
Guitar: Caspar Brötzmann
The Radio: John Peel
Realisation: Andreas Ammer / FM Einheit
Dangerous Minds:

1993 saw the production of two noteworthy pieces of post-punk cultural produce based on Inferno, the first cantica of Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy. One was Anton Corbijn’s video for Depeche Mode’s “Walking In My Shoes.” The more interesting one was Ammer’s landmark production Radio Inferno for Bayerischer Rundfunk, with noteworthy contributors like legendary BBC DJ John Peel, guitarist Caspar Brötzman, and singer Yvonne Ducksworth as Beatrice. It also featured two members of that clamorous and pioneering industrial group Einstürzende Neubauten: singer Blixa Bargeld served as the voice of Dante, and percussionist F.M. Einheit scored the production, which accordingly recalls Neubauten theatre scores of the era like Die Hamletmaschine and Faustmusik. Ammer would go on to collaborate fruitfully with Einheit several more times after the latter’s 1995 departure from Neubauten, culminating with 2002’s Crashing Aeroplanes.

The entire production, broken up into 34 cantos just like the actual book, was released on CD in 1994. That’s out of print, but it can be streamed on the marvelous ubuweb site. Or you can just listen to it right here.