The Audio Players

A Futurist Octet (1978)

  1. Sound, adapted from a sintesi by Francesco Cangiullo
  2. A Landscape Heard by F. Marinetti
  3. Vowel Refains by Francesco Cangiullo
  4. Silences Speak Among Themselves by F.T. Marinetti
  5. Disconcerted States of Mind by Giacomo Balla
  6. Sates of Mind by Mario Carli
  7. To Understand Weeping by Giacomo Balla
  8. Colors by Fortunato Depero


The Audo Players have come together from a variety of backgrounds to realize the Futurist works. Anna Banana and Bill Gaglione come from the visual arts and amil-art into the organization of events of an absurd nature and performance of Dadaist and Futurist sounds poetry. Murray Epstein has a background in psychodrama, film and recording technique, and theatrical production. E.T. Simon's background is in music and theater, and ranges from early music to free jazz, Gilbert & Sullivan to sound poetry.

A Futurist Octet was engineered by E.T. Siomon.