Blood Stereo (Dylan Nyoukis and Karen Constance)

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The Magnetic Headache (2008)

1. The Moaning Throne

2. Send For The Glowing Glut

3. The Magnetic Headache

Three tracks from The Magnetic Headache, released on CD in an edition of 300 by Bottrop-Boy from Berlin. There was also a vinyl LP edition of 50 copies released on Tadpole Records from Brighton.

From Tapes & Throats (2008)

1. Awesome Alien Stew (An Improvisation)

2. It's Raining Ammonia

Two tracks taken from the Collaboration LP with Ludo Mich, released in an edition of 300 by Giant Tank from Edinburgh. Awesome Alien Stew is a live recording from an appearance at the Instal festival in Glasgow in 2006, and takes up the first side of the record. It's Raining Ammonia is one of 3 postal collaboration tracks that make up the second side.

The Acidic Wing (2007)

1. The Acidic Wing

A recording of a set at ATPs Nightmare Before Christmas at Minehead England in 2006, curated by Thurston Moore, later released as a limited edition 3" cd-r (95 copies) on Chondritic Sound out of Michigan.

Enfold The Hiss (2007)

1. Tapes 1

2. Live, Cambridge

3. Tapes 2

4. Live, Brighton

Released in 2007 on Chocolate Monk.

The Little Creeper (2006)

1. Excerpt

Excerpt from a live radio broadcast on Resonance FM, which was part of the Wire magazine 'Below The Radar' sesions.

For Heavy Lung (2005)

1. For Heavy Lung

A recording of a live set in Leeds, April 2005. Blood Stereo here as a quintet, joined by Julian Bradley, Neil Campbell & Sticky Foster. Released on CD-R by Chocolate Monk.

The Trunk Is Flexed (2005)

1. The Trunk is Flexed

2. Glass Stomach

3. Little Bone Is Thirsty

A late night living room recording, featuring Caroline Lewis and Billy Taylor (Melted Men, To Live & Shave In L.A.). Released on CD-R by Chocolate Monk.

Here Comes Blood Stereo (2004)

1. Track 1

2. Track 2

3. Track 3

4. Track 4

First Blood Stereo recordings, released in an edition of 88 by the Absurd label out of Greece.

Various Tracks

Dirt Hymn (2009)

From the double CD-R compilation 'George Ferguson McKeating' on Bells Hills out of the UK.

Moth Eaten Gurgle (2008)

Track from PDH1, a set of four 3" CD-Rs released by Psykick Dancehall, also featured are tracks by Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides, Towering Breaker, Nackt Insecten, Helhesten, Usurper, Chora & Divine Coils.

The Brain Made Out Of Gas (2007)

Taken from the split cassette with Pod Blotz on Bennifer from Canada which came packaged with a screen printed book of various eye candy.

The Mess (2006)

From the triple CD compilation 'I Don't Think The Dirt Belongs To The Grass' released on Carbon Records from Rochester, New York. One disk was was made up exclusively of tracks by artists from Rochester, another by artists from the greater United States, and the final disk by freaks from outside the States all together.

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