Christian Bök


1. Intro (00:25)

2. Chapter A (18:13)

3. Chapter E (15:28)

4. Chapter I (08:40)

5. Chapter O (16:43)

6. Chapter U (05:08)

7. And Sometimes (00:38)

8. Vowels (00:32)

9. W (01:51)

10. Emended Excess (04:48)

Eunoia was recorded on June 2, 2002 by Steve Venright in Toronto.

Various Tracks

1. Seahorses and Flying Fish (3:10)

2. And Sometimes (:32)

3. Valuvëula (1:16)

4. from Motorized Razors (2:24)

5. Ubu Hubbub (:46)

6. Ursonate (18:36)

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""And Sometimes" exhaustively cites all of the English words that do not contain any of the five vowels (A, E, I, O, U).

""Valuveula" is an alien hymn, originally written for an episode of Gene Roddenberry's television show Earth: Final Conflict.

""from Motorized Razors" is an excerpt from a much larger techno lautgedichte (a work in progress entitled The Cyborg Opera).

""Ubu Hubbub" is a work of political satire, expressing what I imagine Ubu Roi might sound like when issuing an imperial decree.

The "Ursonate" is what I imagine the poem by Kurt Schwitters might sound like if performed at high speed by F.T. Marinetti.

-Christian Bök

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