Jonathan Borofsky

The Radical Songbirds of Islam

1. Movements 1,2,3, (53:00)

Jonnie Hitler

1. Dreamer's Nightmare, 3:36

2. Your Love, 5:56

3. Voices, 4:22

4. I Will Kill Him, 5:41

5. All in the Memory, 3:34

6. One God, 4:39

7. the Hunter & the Hunted, 4:52

8. Dead Head, 4:14

9. Life / Force, 4:38

10. Somalia, 4:32

11. Force of the Wind, 3:50

12. Speed of Light, 4:54

Various Tracks

13. The Standard Chant, 1:33


The Radical Songbirds of Islam
Opus for Voice, Movements 1,2,3
Jonathan Borofsky - Voice, Numbers
Ed Tomney - Tapes, Sequencing, Computer Programming
Recorded in Los Angeles and New York, 1984-87
ROIR Cassette

""Opus for Voice, Movements One, Two, Three" grows out of a collaboration between artist-musicians Jonathan Borofsky and Ed Tomey. Sonce 1969, Borofsky has been counting continiously from zero and is now over three million. Tomney's custom made computer program translates these numbers into a musical score for voice. The resulting music, taken from alibrary of tones sung by Borofsky, is then constructed from a series of tape edits.

This work was partly influenced by Islamic prayer chants heard over a Jerusalem radio station.

Tracks 1-12: Music written and performed by Jonnie Hitler
Produced by Jonathan Borofsky © 1992 aka Jonnie Hitler

A special musical thanks to John Cage, Public Enemy, Teresa Brewer, Johannes Sebastian Bach, The Sex Pistols, Bob Dylan, Syd Borofsky, Karl Stockausen, The Beastie Boys, Odetta, Brian Ferry, harry Belafonte, Woody Guthrie, Ed Tomney, Igor Stravinsky, Mahalia Jackson, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Laurie Anderson, The Beatles, Kriss Kross, Phil Glass, Joan Baez, Jimmy Boyd, U2, Willie Nelson, Grace Jones, Andres Segovia, John Lee Hooker and John Coltrane.

""There is a little bit of
Hitler in all of us."

Track 13: "The Standard Chant Pt. 2", 1983, recorded by J. Borofsky, Los Angeles, Ca. (1:33)

Track 13 from Audio By Visual Artists, TELLUS 21