Glenn Branca (1948-2018)

Various Tracks

1. The Static (1979) [40:25]

Glenn Branca: Guitar
Barbara Ess: Bass
Christine Hahn: Drums
Recorded live at Riverside Studios, London, 24 Feb 1979

2. Rhys Chatham (with Glenn Branca, Nina Canal, Wharton Tiers) - Guitar Trio (1977)

(Recorded Live, 5/79 NYC) [6:54]

3. Glenn Branca: Acoustic Phenomena (1983) [3:59]

Introduction (the entire piece runs 14 min.) Originally commissioned by the Kunsthalle Berne, Switz. for performance installation by Dan Graham. It is dedicated to the memory of Axel Gross who assisted in the production and performed in the live version.
Instrumentation is: 1) harmonics guitar, mallet guitar; 2) adapted harpsichords.
The recording was made on a Tascam 4-trk cassette recorder.

4. Music For The Dance Bad Smells Choreographed By Twyla Tharp (16:25)

Guitars: Glenn Branca, Thurston Moore, Lee Ranaldo, David Rosenbloom, Ned Sublette
Bass: Jeffrey Glenn
Drums: Stephen Wischerth

5. Glenn Branca Excerpt from Symphony No. 2: The Peak of the Sacred

Drums - Stefan Wischert

Electric Guitar - Barbara Ess, Craig Bromberg, David Linton, David Rosenbloom, Glenn Branca, Jeffrey Glenn, Lee Ranaldo, Ned Sublette, Thurston Moore

6. Glenn Branca And Tony Oursler - Empty Blue (2000)

Included with the book "In Between: The Art Project Of EXPO 2000" edited by Wilfried Dickhoff and Kasper König (Cologne: DuMont Buchverlag, 2000), a catalog for the "In Between" project of the first world exposition ever to be held in Germany. Pages 198-205 are dedicated to the piece, which was played through various loudspeaker systems throughout the EXPO grounds.


1. From Audio Arts Supplement, 1979

2. From Tellus #1

3. From Tellus #10: All Guitars! (1985)

4. From Glenn Branca/John Giorno 'Who You Staring At?' (1982)

5. From Chicago '82: A Dip in the Lake (1982)

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