Gavin Bryars (b. 1943)

Obscure No. 1: The Sinking of the Titanic – Gavin Bryars (1975)

Obscure No. 2: Ensemble Pieces – Christopher Hobbs, John Adams, Gavin Bryars (1975)

Obscure No. 8: Machine Music – John White, Gavin Bryars (1978)

Obscure No. 9: Irma – an opera by Tom Phillips, music by Gavin Bryars, libretto by Fred Orton (1978) (1978)

Gavin Bryars and Juan Muñoz - A Man In A Room, Gambling (1992) (1978)

Gavin Bryars is an English composer and double bassist. He has been active in, or has produced works in, a variety of styles of music, including jazz, free improvisation, minimalism, historicism, experimental music, avant-garde and neoclassicism.

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