Christopher Butterfield

1. Christopher Butterfield: Music for Klein and Beuys (5'11")

Written for the Dream Ensemble of Victoria (B. C.), it is a memorial to Yves Klein and Joseph Beuys, the two great souls of post-war European art.

2. Ursonate: Rondo Allegro (22'49")

3. Ursonate: Largo (4'31")

4. Ursonate: Scherzo (2'05")

5. Ursonate: Presto: Finale (13'16")

(Performed by Butterfield, Edition used: Das Literarische Werke, Vol. 1: Lyrik (Koln: DuMont Bucherlag, 1973)

6. Butterfield: Pillar of Snails (27'13")

Performed by Anthony de Mare. Dedicated to Lee Hyla.

Produced by John Oswald

Versions of Kurt Schwitters' Ursonate on UbuWeb Sound