The Capilano Review, no. 31, Sound Poetry, 1984

The Capilano Review, no. 31, Sound Poetry, 1984

  1. Owen Sound: 1'54" to ...

    1'54" to composed and performed by Owen Sound. Recorded live at the 11th International Festival of Sound Poetry, Town Hall, St. Lawrence Centre, Toronto, October 16, 1978.

  2. Mara Zibens: excerpt from Museum

    excerpt from Museum', composed and performed by Mara Zibens. Taken from a longer work published on the Tekst cassette "Infinite Anatomies" Underwhich Editions, Toronto, 1984).

  3. Four Horsemen: Monotony

    Monotony, composed and performed by The Four Horsemen. Taken from their debut lp "Canadada" (Griffin House, Toronto).

  4. bill bissett: The Mountain Lake

    The Mountain Lake, performed by bill bissett, voice; Dermot Foley, guitar and tape; Leonore Coutts, flux.

  5. David UU: Make Mine Opium

    Make Mine Opium, composed and performed by David UU (with Gregg Simpson).

Recordings were mixed and mastered at the Cilog/Kettle electronic studios by Keith Potts, Toronto, January 17, 1984.