Jose Luis Castillejo (b. 1930)

The Book of I's (1969)

1. The Book of I's

2. A Book of a Book

3. Book of 18 Letters, First Fragment

4. Book of 18 Letters, Second Fragment

Reading by Fernando Milan, Madrid, 2001

Contains live recordings by the author from his three self-published books: The Book of I's (1969), A Book of a Book (1977), and The Book of Eighteen Letters (1972). The books are almost blank, except that some random pages have the letter 'i' printed in the middle, which are pronounced 'eee' by Castillejo.

Very limited and immediately sold out edition of Castillejo conceptual recordings. Jose Luis Castillejo books always included him among the Concrete Poems and were regarded as very special graphic creations. A deep exploration of his abstract and radical poetry will lead to a more conceptual and philosophical understanding as this LP clearly states.

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