Sylvain Chauveau (b. 1971)

You Will Leave No Mark In The Winter Snow

  1. Fragment 1
  2. Fragment 2
  3. Fragment 3
  4. Fragment 4
  5. Fragment 5
  6. Fragment 6
  7. Fragment 7
  8. Fragment 8
  9. Fragment 9
  10. Fragment 10
  11. Fragment 11
  12. Fragment 12
  13. Fragment 13
  14. Fragment 14
  15. Fragment 15
  16. Fragment 16
  17. Fragment 17
  18. Fragment 18

""You Will Leave No Mark In The Winter Snow" is a music piece by Ensemble 0 whose duration is extremely long: 7 years.

Composed by 0's Sylvain Chauveau, it is mostly silent, except for 17 moments of hearable sounds with electronic sounds and piano spread along the seven years. The first diffusion of the piece was a live streaming between June 1st 2012 and May 31st 2019 on the web page

Ensemble 0 is french collective of musicians based in Western Europe, created in 2004. They perform music from contemporary repertoire and their own compositions.

17'16 for Morris Louis (2011-2012)

01 Point of Tranquility
02 Terranean
03 Mem
04 Stripe
05 Unfurled
06 Plenitude
07 Dalet Tet
08 Intrigue
09 Vav
10 Floral
11 Iris
12 Column
13 Where
14 Salient
15 Red Go
16 Beth Chaf
17 Veil
18 Mountains and Sea (Epilogue)

A suite of extremely short, ultra-minimal pieces Chauveau composed for his Ensemble 0 in 2011-2012, entitled "17'16 for Morris Louis". Music inspired by the American painter (1912-1962). All track titles refer to a canvas.

Touching Down Lightly

Touching Down Lightly

Sylvain Chauveau, piano

Sylvain Chauveau from the Ensemble 0, has made solo records on labels such as FatCat, Type, Les Disques du Soleil et de l'Acier, Brocoli, Flau, Nature Bliss, Creative Sources: minimal, quiet compositions for acoustic instruments, electronics, and voice. He performs worldwide and has made remixes for various musicians and bands. He has composed a 7 year long piece entitled You Will Leave No Mark On The Winter Snow, full of silence and featuring only 17 moments of hearable sounds, that is playing online until 31st May 2019 on 7 years of Silence. He runs the label Onement, where the concept is to release one-copy LPs, and co-runs (with Florent Garnier) I Will Play This Song Once Again Records where the artists have to re-record their songs for each buyer. He also makes soundtracks for feature films and dance shows.

Sylvain Chauveau is a member of the 0 ensemble (with Stéphane Garin and Joël Merah), of Arca (with Joan Cambon) and of On (with Steven Hess).