Henning Christiansen (1932-2008)

1. Abschiedssymphonie, Side A
(Perf: Henning Christiansen (p), Nam June Paik (p, voice), Joseph Beuys (telephon)

2. Abschiedssymphonie, Side B
(Perf: Henning Christiansen (p), Nam June Paik (p, voice), Joseph Beuys (telephon)

3. Scottische Symphonie. Requiem of Art, Part 1
(Perf: Joseph Beuys / Henning Christiansen)

4. Scottische Symphonie. Requiem of Art, Part 2
(Perf: Joseph Beuys / Henning Christiansen)

5. Requiem of Art (aus Celtic) (Fluxorum Organum II)
(score/tape realization: Henning Christiansen, 1973)

6. Dust Out of Brain
Henning Christiansen, Ben Patterson, D. Moss/ (1995)



9. "Symphony Natura" OP.170 (1985)

1. gibbon in glass-sound
2. kakadua in the north
3. orso e foca a villa d'este
4. coro di scimmie
5. canzone si lupi con basso continuo
6. cervo e gibbone nella civilta
7. vogelorgel
8. ll mare degli animali

recorded at the roma zoo, october 1985
in collaboration with lorenzo mammi, roma

10. Kreuzmusik Fluxid Behandlung Op 189 (1989)

Kreuzmusik Fluxid Behandlung Op.189, Side A (1989)
Kreuzmusik Fluxid Behandlung Op.189, Side B (1989)

Kreuzmusik was commissioned by the Bonner Kunstverein Gallery, Kunstfond, Germany in August 1989, for inclusion in their 'Taking Fluxus Around for a Drive' happening, (also featuring performances by Dieter Daniels, George Maciunas, Allan Kaprow, Al Hansen, Joe Jones and others) and originally issued on cassette in 1990 by Neue Bildende Kunst in an edition of 100 copies.


Abschiedssymphonie / 1988

Cover: one color print. 30cm, 33RPM, 1988, Edition Block, Berlin + Lebeer Hossmann, Hamburg / Brussel, No. EB 118.

The opus 177 of the Danish composer is based on sound-material of the opening-concert to the "Peace Biennale" in Hamburg, November 29, 1985.

"Scottische Symphonie. Requiem of Art"

Bernd Kluser / Jorg Schellmann, Germany, 2nd Edition (800 copies), 1986

Joseph Beuys / Henning Christiansen "Scottische Symphonie (aus Celtic)", recording: College of Art, Edinburgh, 21.8.1970

Henning Christiansen "Requiem of Art (aus Celtic) (Fluxorum Organum II)", score/tape realization: Henning Christiansen, 1973

Unique piece, 1994. Three cd plastic covers each of which contains a homemade and stamped cover in three colours (gold, green, blue) and a cd (Dust out of Brian/Staub aus dem Gehirn by Moss / Patterson / Christiansen, 1993) and each signed. two of the covers have "write your own name" written on them by the artist and dated '95. All three have been attached to three pieces of wool and tied toether to create a cd /sculpture object to hang around the owner's neck. This is a unique piece which was given as a gift to my source by Christiansen. Image on request.

Munich: Edition Bernd Kluser, 1991
Cd in standard jewel case with b/w litho insert. Cover designed by Cucci. One of 800 signed and numbered (this one is # 674) copies. The music is inspired by birdsong. Fine condition in original (replaceable) slightly cracked jewel case.