1. autopoiesis | iteration 14

Recorded 30.August, 2004 (40:14)


Clairaudient : the faculty of mentally perceiving sounds beyond the range of hearing, alleged to be induced under certain mesmeric conditions. So a clairaudient is one who has this faculty. (OED)

Clairaudient/the windsleepers is a collective that works out of the Laboratory for Artistic Research and Development in Chicago. the group works in sound, poetry and visual forms, using improvisational and procedural processes. all recordings are live, with no overdubs. "autopoiesis" is a long series of three-dimensional poems that feature: brett ian balogh (analog synths, shortwave, gizmos); stephen hastings-king (piano); amira hanafi and laura goldstein (poetry, voice, toy cassette players).

For more information about and recordings of this (and with time other) series, visit www.clairaudient. org

File: autopoiesis | iteration 14
Running Time: 00:40:14
Sample Rate: 44.1kHz
Data Rate: 128kbps
File Size: 25.5Mb
Date: 30.august, 2004