Il concento prosodico

Sinfonia in 4 materie (1976)

1. Vocali (1:40)

2. Vetro ben temperato (3:40)

3. Fricative (2:55)

4. Xilofonia (3:55)

5. Tenzone tropicale (3:10)

6. Siderodiafonia (6:00)

7. Vocali (1:17)

Vocals: Sergio Cena, Arrigo Lora-Totino, Roberto Musto, Laura Santiano

From the LP Futura Poesia Sonora (Cramps Records, Milan)

Language spoken is noise. The idea of integrating it with noises of extravocal origin was taken up by "Il Concento Prosodico", formed in 1975 and composed of Sergio Cena, Arrigo Lora-Totino, Roberto Musto and Laura Santiano. Back in 1968 Lora-Totino and the cine-visual operator Piero Fogliati invented "Liquid Music", generated by means of a special contraption constructed by Fogliati, the 'Liquintofono' . They had also conceived a music of wind and iron and Fogliati a "Musica in Negativo" in which the sound of traffic would be played" like a musical instrument, thus exploiting, for aesthetic purposes, a source of modern disturbance. Roberto Musto, a composer deeply involved in the research in the field of electronic music, was interested in making use of the values of spoken language. Lora-Totino was then concerning himself with sound music. That they should work together was natural. First some reelaborations of texts by Balla, then the creation of new glossolalias to be inserted into a context of noises. For this purpose the noises produced by different materials were isolated, iron, glass, wood, water, etc. The objects producing the sounds were not musical in the normal sense, for example, the woods were not wooden wind instruments but sticks, pieces of bamboo, boxes, nuts, and so on. The irons were sheets of iron or steel, springs, saws files, hammers, pipes, glass bottles, glasses, sheet glass, humble materials, in other words. It is clear that, if we wish to, we can make sound with anything - it is also true that we are surrounded with infinite sonic possibilities of which the traditional orchestras and even electronic music represent only a part. The various materials have particular sonic qualities: the metals vibrate, wood is rhythm, glass tends towards pure sound, water has infinite sonic possibilities. But there are even further possibilities; for example, one can try to give a material an expression which seems contrary to its nature. in the piece "Xilofonia", the fourth part of the "Symphony in 4 Materials" (voice, glass, wood, iron) an attempt is made to create a unison of timbre by means of percussion. The vocal pieces were conceived on the basis of selections of the sonic quality of the letters of the alphabet (sibilants, fricatives, etc), without, however, obliterating the semantic element which even an abstract language contains.

"The Concento Prosodico" has performed its original works since 1974.

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