Concrete Mass

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4. Art and Money Broadcasts 4

5. Art and Money Broadcasts 5

Concrete Mass: Art and Money Broadcasts by Kevin Quigley and Caspar Below, London 2006

The five one-minute pieces on the relationship between art and money were produced for Joanna Callaghan and Russell Martin's radio show "For Love and Money" on Resonance FM broadcast from the 2006 Frieze Art Fair.

Each of the five pieces tackles in a conversational style the different monetary issues that practising artists have to face up to: From commercial galleries and its money laundering practices, to the Arts Council England and risk assessment, to artist initiatives, getting a job in the real world and museum shops. Being no less subjects to the pressure of the art market where less doesn't sell, our presenters show true multi-tasking skill by combining their rant with a demonstration of sound effects.

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Concrete Mass

Concrete Mass is a series of artist led topical sound works, sonic performances and events. Form, content and dialogues are improvised, processed and distorted in this noise worshipping service. Concrete Mass projects are initiated, curated and produced by Caspar Below in collaboration with other artists.

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