Brian Joseph Davis (b. 1975)

Minima Moralia (2004)

Greatest Hit (2005)

10 Banned Albums Burned Then Played (2005)

Yesterduh (2006)

Original Soundtrack (2008)

Voice Over (2006)

Voice Over is a script composed from over 5000 film taglines then performed by voice over artist Scott Taylor.

Commisioned by the Art Gallery of York University .

Taylor is only reading 6 pages. The original edit of the script is 23 pages which can be downloaded as a PDF here.

Eula (2007)

Several years ago, forward thinking Sony/BMG created a new form of music by creating CDs with computer viruses and hidden contracts. This is a cover, by a women's chorus, of Sony's best song, End User License Agreement.


Brian Joseph Davis (b. 1975) is a sound artist and writer whose work was recently collected on the Blocks Recording Club release The Definitive Host. He's written for Arthur Magazine, Utne, Eye Weekly and is the author of the books "Portable Altamont" (Coach House) and "I,Tania" (ECW) which called, "The book of your fever dreams."

L.A. Weekly recently wrote of these sound works, "Davis has an amazing head for aural experiments-creating expansive compositions out of found sounds and computer manipulations-that are smart on paper and fascinating in execution."