Brian Joseph Davis (b. 1975)

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Minima Moralia (2004)

  1. They, The People

  2. This Side of the Pleasure Principle

  3. Johnny-Head-In-The-Air

  4. Every Work of Art Is an Uncommitted Crime


It's just a bad idea, and it began when I was mentioning to a friend about how funny it is that all those old anti capitalist punk albums with the "PAY NO MORE THAN $3" warnings can now be Ebay-ed for a $100. For some reason, we then both thought of Greil Marcus's book Lipstick Traces. How he made a glib aside about Marxist theorist Theodore Adorno and his exhiled-in-1940s-America memoir, Minima Moralia. With its bleaker-than-black humour and dismantling of modern life, Marcus said it would have made an excellent punk album. Why not take this pop wish and make it come true?

""Serious hilarity." Frieze Magazine

2 editions of 50, 2004