Duplex Planet (David Greenberger, b. 1954)

Duplex Planet Hour
  1. Snakes
  2. Mr. Pennington
  3. My First Funeral
  4. Ant
  5. The Titanic
  6. McElroy's Rant
  7. Hide In Trees
  8. Broken Hearts
  9. Santa's Birthday
  10. More Professional
  11. Wildest Party
  12. Upper Tiny
  13. NYC
  14. Tired and Weary and Worried
  15. Guitars
  16. Girl Under 40
  17. Cowboys
  18. Jet Stream
  19. Kite Flying Champion of the World
  20. Old Man in Pajamas
  21. Beer
  22. Love Was Out to Get Me
  23. Mother
  24. Old Bruno
  25. Buffaloed
  26. Squeegee Message
  27. Theo
  28. Vampire
  29. Ben Farmer's Piano
  30. Alexander's Rag Time Band
  31. REM
  32. 99% Normal
  33. The South Pole
  34. My Life With You

Featuring Duplex Planet stories and monologues told by David Greenberger, with music written and performed by NRBQ pianist Terry Adams, along with Sun Ra Arkestra horn players Tyrone Hill and Dave Gordon, and guitar and banjo from John Sebastian.

David Greenberger: Voice
Terry Adams: Piano, Organ
Dave Gordon: Trumpet
Tyrone Hill: Trombone
John Sebastian: 6-string Banjo, Guitar

David Greenberger is an American writer and radio commentator best known for his Duplex Planet series of zines, comic books, CDs, and spoken word performances and radio plays. He is a frequent contributor of essays and music reviews for National Public Radio.

In 1979, having just completed a degree in fine arts as a painter, Greenberger took a job as activities director at a nursing home in Boston. On his first day, he met the residents of the nursing home and abandoned painting in favor of conversation. "This is my art," he said. In this unexpected setting, Greenberger found an unusual medium and a desire to portray the people he met as living human beings instead of "just repositories of their memories or the wisdom of the ages." Instead of collecting oral history about significant events, Greenberger focused on talking one-on-one with ordinary people about ordinary things—the joy of a close shave or answers to "Can you fight city hall?".

Greenberger began publishing his conversations with old people in The Duplex Planet, a small, homemade magazine he started in 1979, and still publishes today. It has subsequently found larger audiences in other forms, which are all derived from the original template. A series of personal commentaries drawn from Greenberger's experiences with this body of work has aired regularly on National Public Radio's "All Things Considered". Greenberger was the subject of a segment in 2007's "Life Part 2: Language of Aging", part of a PBS series on aging. -- Wiki